What interpretation of Bond do you think would have biggest bank balance?

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I've been pondering this for a few years now, since getting into serious debt myself, and thought this forum would be the best place to get some opinions.

What interpretations of Bond do you think would have financial problems, or would be well off?

I'm going to rank them from wealthiest to most cash poor with some thoughts I've had.

1. Roger Moore's Bond
His Bond was well spoken and appeared to be a member of the elite from birth - not necessarily true, as Moore himself was a middle class lad who taught himself to speak in a more dignified accent - and this would indicate a private wealth.

He also shows a real aptitude for knowledge (scientific like in Moonraker, etc), so it's likely he would also have a good financial brain for his personal assets. Like all Bonds, he wears fine tailoring and shows success at the gaming tables. We also see his home and it appears plushly decorated in plush surroundings, with an air of pomp and wealth. He also seems to be good friends with the Tory elite - Minister of Defence Freddie Gray would have been in Thatcher's cabinet, and wining and dining with Bond. I estimate his Bond to be a millionaire - perhaps even eight figures. But certainly not more.

2. Timothy Dalton's Bond
His Bond seems intelligent and switched on - so unlikely to blow his money. Licence to Kill shows he is a good gambler and able to build up and then, protect his pot of cash. Some of his clothes seem shabby - but this to me suggests prudence. He dresses well when it counts and like all wealthy people, doesn't bother with nice clothes for casual moments. He also seems happy to be fired by M, which suggests he has a private income, maybe shares or bonds.

3. Pierce Brosnan's Bond
Very well dressed and presented and mannered, but shows lack of intelligence at some stages. A fool and his money are soon parted. The Bond of TWINE who is so easily manipulated by Electra would also fall prey to scams or bad investments. Although when penniless in DAD, we see him use connections to get himself back on his feet. So he may not have his own money, but can charm a decent lifestyle from his contacts and friends. It's likely his assets were frozen after being captured in DAD. We also see him carrying a Visa, an insidious tool for debt.

4. Sean Connery's Bond
Is good at his job so likely has a good income, and is a great gambler - but also seems quite casual about a lot of things - this would likely include money and he would likely blow it all as soon as it comes in - just like the Bond of the books. We see his home and it seems fine although not as lavish as Moore's. And remember, we only see Bond's wins at the tables - not the losses, and with every victory comes two defeats. Often wears quite tatty and ill fitting clothes. Seems to splash around a lot of cash in FRWL and DAF at least. He also shows real greed when presented with a gold bar by M in GF and has to be warned off - not the actions of a well-off man. He also doesn't seem to have come from money, so he ahs no inheritance to fall back on. Probably has in Fleming's words "not quite enough".

5. George Lazenby's Bond
Let's face it, his Bond seems like the lowest-paid. No respect from his employers, no fat pay check. Clearly not from money. Splashes it around, and loses heavily at the tables. Father in law paid for the wedding, but it's worth noting that he says 'I don't need a million pounds" to Draco. So what gives? Doesn't seem sensible.

6. Daniel Craig's Bond
The only Bond whose family background we see - he has an estate, but it seems worthless. No farm to produce income, the land isn't being put to use and likely is draining him of tax, and the Skyfall lodge is a stinker. Craig's Bond would also likely get poor performance reviews (bad behaviour, not following orders, killing an ambassador on CCTV etc) - so no payrises for this 007. Also has his assets frozen or sold off after his "death" in Skyfall, so penniless. We are told he is a fine poker player, but we see him lose to Le Chiff, and we never see him gamble properly in any other films. Vesper seems to financially support him towards the end of CR - face it, the man's broke. We see his home but it's a hovel. It looks like the location might be attractive, but the mortgage would be crippling and we can see he has no money for luxuries. Is well-dressed, but this would suggest he's irresponsible with what he has.

Does anyone have any other thoughts on this?


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    Birdleson wrote: »
    Fleming's Bond had a modest income. That much I know. His lifestyle at home was fairly conservative, but when out in the world on an adventure he would indulge himself.

    His income is given in Moonraker - is anyone here able to adjust the figure for inflation from 1955? He seems to have no shares or schemes or rental property in the books and I'm sure Fleming would of taken great delight in describing them to us.

    I also remembered after my first post - Lazenby at first considers Draco's million pound offer. Although as you say he has a modest income, the Bond of the books explodes at Draco at this suggestion. That Lazenby would consider marrying a stranger in exchange for cash money suggests he is in need of the money.

    I'll tell you what, someone would only need to offer me $35,000 to get me to marry their crazy daughter :) (my debt is currently at just under $35,000... and it's no picnic)

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    Birdleson wrote: »
    My debt is around a half a million, if mortgage is included, so why do I even bother getting up?

    Well if you include my student loan my total debt is just over $140,000 and I have no assets at this stage.... and my credit rating is bupkiss. Still you make me feel a lot better!

    The interest rates on my credit cards are the real killer.

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    I'm skeptical. This guy appears way more well-spoken than the aforementioned guises.

    Edit: Seeing as he's just been banned, it must have been a sure thing. Shame.
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