James Bond game Multiplayer mode concept

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((This topic is a work in progress and will be improved time to time))
Hello, I am going to present to you a concept/idea of a multiplayer Bond game (this is a concept of the multiplayer mode that comes with a full Bond game, not a multiplayer only Bond game)


This 007 Multiplayer game is the largest multiplayer mode yet. The multiplayer has 3 modes, Split screen play, LAN, and Online multiplayer. The first 2 modes can be played freely with modifiers without rules. Game mode and all the options are free to choose. Online multiplayer is hosted on official servers. A player can also host an (unofficial) online server with the same freedom as LAN/Splitscreen. Official servers have standard gamemodes, maps and regular settings on rotation.

When the player first launches the multiplayer, the player will be able to create a character which they will use in multiplayer
The character will be shown beside a mirror and a wardrobe and the player can stylize their appearance.
The player can choose between a male/female character. They can use existing characters' appearance (like James Bond, Felix or Pussy Galore) or they can create their own. If the player chooses to create their own look, they will be given more options such as height, skin tone, hair, etc.
The player will then choose some clothing. At first, there are only some outfits the player can choose, but as they play more multiplayer matches, they will be awarded more items. The clothing they choose will only used in non-team modes. During team modes, the players will don the uniform of their respective team. For example, in deathmatch, the player will use their clothing of choice, while in team deathmatch between let's say, Blofeld's team against Tanaka's ninjas, the player will use Blofeld's army's uniform or a ninja outfit depending on their team. Their faces and body stay the same.
Starting weapon of choice
Depending on the player's playstyle, the player can choose between 2 pistols.
If the player is on the good side, whether if it's the MI6, CIA, etc. The player can choose between the Walther PPK or the Walther P99, The former has less bullets in it's magazine but is more accurate whereas the P99 has more bullets but is slightly less accurate.
If the player is on the evil side, they can choose between the Glock 18 or the Beretta 92.
The glock isn't accurate nor as powerful, but has a 3 round burst fire mode, while the Beretta 92 is more accurate.

During ranked, competitive matchmaking, players will be put with, and against players of similar rank
Players can earn money through playing the game, defeating other players, winning matches, capturing objectives or purchasing. Money earned can be used to purchase clothing items for the player character, or weapon finishes. Most purchases are cosmetic, no advantages gameplay-wise.

Movement is standard as in other FPS games. Pushing the forward button/joystick will make the player walk (no footstep noise) and the player can run faster with a button. Running while shooting is slightly less accurate. (The inaccuracy is only a little, not Counter-Strike level inaccuracy while running) Crouching and jumping is standard.
Aiming mimics GoldenEye but also other FPS. Point and shoot. There's also a fine aiming with the secondary button where the player can aim more precisely, the crosshair moves slower (think GoldenEye or Nightfire if the player aims holding the secondary fire button) The player can choose if the secondary aim button does a classic precision aim like GE/NF or Aim Down Sights like modern FPS, none of these will have an advantage over the others.
Aiming is like GoldenEye, the player will have some assist but not as much as it was in GoldenEye. If playing with a mouse/keyboard, there will be no aim assist. Playing with a controller/M+K will be in different servers.
Damage is also pretty standard. Headshots are most likely an insta-kill. Shots to the upper body deals more damage than the lower body.

Gadgets will be integrated into the gameplay.
Grappling hook - Maps have places where players can use their grappling hooks (not free like AUF but there is an option for that in LAN/Splitscreen. There is a certain range where the grappling hook can be used.
Hacking tool - If there is an explosive or an item in the environment than can be used against players, this tool can be used to activate it.
Sonar - This gadget will emit a beep and scan the area for other players to gain knowledge on their position. If a player is in range of the sonar, they will be seen in the radar. However, other players can know if a sonar is used or not, and if they activate their sonar immediately after the first guy uses it, the first guy's sonar gets cancelled out.

Deathmatch - Standard deathmatch, kill or be killed. Matches last up to 10 minutes or so and at the end the one with the most kills win.
Team Deathmatch - This isn't a standard deathmatch. There are many players. If a player is doing good (killing lots of enemies, assisting, etc) the player can respawn as a special character with a unique loadout and more health, the special character depends on the map. For example, if the map is Atlantis, the player can become James Bond or Jaws.
The Man with the Golden Gun - The objective is to kill as many as you can with the Golden Gun. Matches last up to 10 minutes. At the beginning of the game, 2 players will be assigned to Scaramanga and Nick Nack. Both of these have an advantage. Scaramanga will be given a 6-round Golden Gun which is 1 hit kill, accurate and will have a larger health than the others. Nick Nack has a small body so he is harder to hit. Scaramanga and Nick Nack are a pair against the rest of the players. If a player kills a Scaramanga player, they will become the man with the golden gun. Same for Nick Nack.
Capture the Flag - Standard Capture the Flag, steal the enemy flag from their base and return to the home base with it. If a flag is dropped. There will be 30 seconds before the flag returns to the base.
GoldenEye Strike - There are a key, a crystal and a GoldenEye device randomly scattered around the map. If a team successfully manages to obtain all the items, the enemy team will get blasted by the GoldenEye satellite.
Domination - Team Deathmatch but with the objective of taking over a map. Each map part has a zone where players can spawn. The objective is to take all zones. To take over a zone a player(s) must be in the zone for 20 seconds.
Gun Game - Players start with a small weapon and with every kill they level up into a new weapon. First player to kill with the top level weapon wins. Melee attacks demotes the player that you kill into a lower level weapon.

Escort - The objective is to escort a VIP to a point in the map and the other team must prevent it. If the VIP dies then the enemy wins.
Scenario Mode - This is a special e-sports gamemode. These are 5v5 matches with an objective and heavily involves gadgets. Each scenario/map pins 5 players against another 5. Each team has to do their objective and the other team has to stop them from completing their objective. In the first round, pistols and gadgets only. In later rounds, weapons are scattered around the map and given to players. If a team loses often it will be easier for them to obtain weapons though maybe not powerful ones. There are 30 rounds with random objectives per round depending on who wins or loses.
Cooperative - Players fight along each other against many NPCs and achieve an objective
Duel - 2 players test their skill against each other in a small map. Rounds start with pistol pickups and the weapons change each round. Player with most scores win.

Fort Knox - Taken from Goldfinger. The Fort Knox map features a small, outdoor location with a mounted laser that a player can use (limited) The interior is where the action happens. There are rooms and corridors with gold and elevated floors.
Resort Island - Taking inspiration from tropical, holiday destinations such as the one from Casino Royale, Thunderball, etc, the map takes place on a big hotel with an open pool and gym location in the center.
Piz Gloria - Battle on Blofeld's mountain base. Features an outdoor and indoor location.
Volcano Lair - The volcano lair from You Only Live Twice features a big area for battle. It also has ridable trams that circle the map.
Submarine - A map taking place in the ship from The Spy Who Loved Me. With lower and raised platforms for a fierce battle.
Atlantis - Also from TSWLM. It is an underwater base with many corridors and a small outdoor location.
Space Station - This is a special map with zero gravity/low gravitity (depending on where the players are) There are special weapons unique for this map.
Octopussy's palace - The women-only island from the movie Octopussy. It is a dark, outdoor location with the palace taking place in the center.
St Cyril - From FYEO. It is a monastery taking place on top of a mountain. Corridors are small but is pretty open.
Afghanistan - An open, desert location with several Soviet camps and rebel camps.
Temple - From Licence to Kill. This is an outdoor temple with a secret drug lab underneath courtesy of Franz Sanchez
Facility - From GoldenEye.
Skyrail - From Nightfire. This is a ski lodge with 2 bases on a snowy mountain. Mostly the same as nightfire only the bottom base has a roof to protect from snipers.
MuseumA large, building like structure with a museum in the center. An open area outside. A very beautiful looking map.
Skyfall - An abandoned mansion with tunnels and a chapel near it. Outdoor areas are for sniping while inside the mansion there are traps players can use.

Island - The SPECTRE island from FRWL makes a return with a hedgemaze and a house for a tense duel. (1v1)
Scaramanga's Funhouse - Scaramanga's funhouse features effects and illusions that can trick the player's visions. There are also traps that can be used against another player.

Moonraker - Players will fight on space shuttles and on the space station itself. The evil faction is Hugo Drax's goons. Some rounds have zero gravity. Objectives for the evil faction can include launching a missile to earth, activating a broken satellite, opening a gate for a shuttle, etc. Objectives for the good faction is destroying tech. The good faction will take commands/objectives from officials while the evil faction take commands from Hugo Drax. Bond/Goodhead, and Drax can be played by a character in the final round.
Goldfinger - Players will fight on a factory and on later rounds players will fight on Fort Knox. The evil faction objetives can be escorting an item, defending an objective or planting a bomb while the good faction objectives are destroying tech, defending VIP, or taking intel from a specific part of the map. The evil faction takes commands from Goldfinger.
You Only Live Twice - Players will fight on Japanese estates, a village and the mountain lair. The evil faction objectives are defending a VIP or an object or stealing an objective. The good faction objectives are to steal intel, and prevent enemy weapons from being used.


((Weapon infos, characters, map pictures, and more will come soon...))
Tell me what you think!


  • ClarkDevlinClarkDevlin Martinis, Girls and Guns
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    I'm very keen on the idea. The only thing I'd remove from gameplay mechanics is the ADS system. I'd also recommend an unlimited selection of weaponry, owning them as you pick them up.
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    I've added some new modes and changed the gadgets a bit.

    I've also made a mock-up of the HUD, take a look
    A few things worth noting:
    -The kill feed on the top left, showing who killed who with what.
    -Health and armor on the bottom left, with the gun and ammo count inside.
    -Radar on the top right. It's also supposed to display the map for navigation but I didn't have time to draw it.
    -The crosshair is circle like. If pointed to an enemy the enemy's health will be displayed on the circle.

    I've actually made another one where instead of a circular crosshair the health would be displayed on a bar on top of the player but I lost the file.
  • ClarkDevlinClarkDevlin Martinis, Girls and Guns
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    Are you building this on the Source engine?
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    Ah no, this isn't a mod or anything. It's just concept image made in Garry's Mod.
  • ClarkDevlinClarkDevlin Martinis, Girls and Guns
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    Ah I see. Is the project still in the early stages of planning?
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    I'm just sharing my ideas and concept on what I think is my vision of a modern, fun, multiplayer mode for a Bond game.
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    Gummy wrote: »
    I'm just sharing my ideas and concept on what I think is my vision of a modern, fun, multiplayer mode for a Bond game.

    Love your ideas.
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  • GoldenGunGoldenGun Per ora e il momento che verrà
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    Sounds like fun!

    What about these maps?
    - Crab Key
    - Auric Enterprises
    - Krest’s warehouse with a shark tank and all sorts of traps (like the electric eals)
    - Elektra’s Istanbul safehouse with submarine

    And which characters would you be able to choose from? Also would it feature the likenesses of all 6 actors?
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    GoldenGun wrote: »
    What characters would you be able to choose? Also would it feature the likenesses of all 6 actors?

    All 6 I would hope.
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    GoldenGun wrote: »
    Sounds like fun!

    What about these maps?
    - Crab Key
    - Auric Enterprises
    - Krest’s warehouse with a shark tank and all sorts of traps (like the electric eals)
    - Elektra’s Istanbul safehouse with submarine

    And which characters would you be able to choose from? Also would it feature the likenesses of all 6 actors?

    I did consider Crab Key to be one of the maps, but I thought there would be too many of them so I removed it. Krest's warehouse would be a great idea though.

    You'd probably be able to choose many characters from all the James Bond world. In the perfect world, I would include all James Bond actors, perhaps include David Niven as an easter egg character or something, but realistically speaking, I would probably only be able to get the license to one of the actors.

    The thing about the characters are that I'm still confused whether I should make it like other James Bond games, where you could only choose existing characters, or make it so you create a character, then be able to play as a character as a reward for doing well, similar to the Star Wars Battlefront games.

    If we were able to already play as existing character, but then play a Team Deathmatch in let's say, the volcano lair, it would be weird seeing Bond in a spectre outfit and Blofeld or maybe Jaws in the grey ninja outfit.
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    I think a good idea for Bond online game would to do something similar to Splinter Cell style Spy vs Merc. Those game felt more like espionage games then the call of duty shooter they have done in the past.
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