The Bond eras and the elements each one stoodout

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This is a thread inspired by MaydayDivicenzo.

In which of the most important Bond elements you liked the most in each of the Bond eras.

The elements to count on: Bond Girls, villains, music scores, titles song, action, cinematography,cars, supporting cast, plots/Storyline, scripts/ Dialogue, Bond performances( this is basically you favorite Bond actor, but its always good to have it).

Bond girls- Pierce Brosnan. while he had a few misses, the good ones were great and pretty memorable for more than good looks.

Villains- Sean Connery. Dr No is a big reason on this win, he had very little expression but yet his voice was pretty intimidating and his showdown with Bond in the dinner scene was very intense.

Scores-Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

Title Songs- Sean Connery and Roger Moore

Cinematography-Daniel Craig yes his films looked really beautiful except Quantum. But most of his films had this very cinemmatic expensive look to them.

Action its a very close battle between Pierce and Daniel Craig eras. Craig because he did most of his own stunts and the action was very intense but Pierce because of the chasing sequences were the most memorable and fun to watch: Tank chase, boat chase and the bike chase.

And ofcourse the swordfight between Bond and graves in die another day.

Plots storylines- Daniel Craig he is the only one who got the arc and his films had the most depth, his films could have almost qualified for best picture at the oscars.

Scripts/Dialogue- Sean Connery is the winner here.

Supporting cast: Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan

Bond Performances: Pierce Brosnan.


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    Bond Girls - Brosnan. I grew up with that era and all those lovely ladies made an impact on me.

    Villains - Moore. Scaramanga, Jaws, Baron Samedi, Zorin, May-Day, Stromberg and even Blofeld (sort of). Moore had very memorable and fun over the top villains that really suited his tenure as Bond.

    Scores - Dalton. I'll give this one to Timmy, based on the score for TLD alone. Barry's finest hour in my opinion.

    Title Songs - Brosnan. Forgetting DAD, I love his three other title songs, GE and TWINE in particular.

    Cinematography - Craig. Some very luscious cinematography in his movies, particularly SF and SP. Can't wait to see Bond 25 build on this.

    Action - Brosnan. The boat chase in TWINE, the car chase in TND, the fight with 006 in GE and the sword fight' hovercraft chase in DAD were great. I'd love to give it to Craig, but I don't think he had any amazing action scenes after CR bar the SP pre-titles.

    Storylines - Connery. I love the early Connery movies with all their classic cold war espionage plotlines. FRWL and GF are two of the strongest plots in the history of the franchise.

    Scripts/Dialogue- Lazenby. The script for OHMSS was amazingly well written with some very risquey one liners, believable romantic dialogue between Bond and Tracy and a wonderful encounter with Bond and Blofeld.

    Supporting Cast - Craig. I love Dench and Whishaw. I wish they could have had some scenes together.

    Bond Performances - Craig!
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    Just typed this out in the controversial opinions thread but may as well post it here too

    Girls- Probably a toss up between Craig (Vesper is great, Severine is my favourite Bond girl), Dalton (Kara and Pam are great characters played brilliantly) and Lazenby (because Tracy was that good). If we're talking about them purely in terms of how attractive they are though, then Brosnan

    Villains- Connery. It's weird because my favourite villains are Sanchez, Silva, Elektra and Trevelayn. None of those are from the Connery era. But I think in terms of overall quality he has to take it. Dr No, Grant and Klebb, Goldfinger and Oddjob, plus Blofeld lurking in the background. Plus even the lesser villains (Largo for instance) are still iconic memorable ones.

    This was the toughest category for me though. I was tempted to say Dalton just because of Sanchez, then I thought Brosnan because of Trevelayn, Onnatop, Renard and Elektra, then I thought Moore because of all the LALD villains, Jaws, Scaramanga and Zorin, etc. It's a tricky one because we've been blessed with so many great villains.

    Title songs- Probably Moore just because of LALD, Nobody Does It Better, and AVTAK.

    Title sequence- Thought we should include this really. And I think I have to give the edge to Brosnan because GE is my favourite title sequence and DAD is great too. Honorable mention to Craig, the CR and SF titles are also brilliant.

    Scores- Dalton because TLD is my favourite score of the series and I'm a big fan of LTK's too

    Cinematography- Lazenby. Sort of unfair because he only had the one film but I think OHMSS has the best of the series. The Craig era looks great too but it's sort of glossy and stylized looking while OHMSS is crisp, clear and stunning

    Action- Dalton for sure. Land rover chase, the safe house assault, the cargo net fight, plane fishing, plane water skiing, tanker chase, it's no contest imo. I think that the Dalton Bond's are honestly among the best action films ever made, and they're definitely my favourites.

    Plot/storylines- Dalton again. TLD is a great cold war spy thriller which did a great job of reinventing Bond, but I'm mainly giving him the nod because of LTK. It's a fantastic violent revenge story and the plot is just so well written and (at the end) satisfying

    Dialogue- I don't think you can beat the 60s Bond's in terms of dialogue so Connery.

    Supporting cast- Honestly as much as I love the old MI6 guard I think I have to give it to Brosnan. Not just because of the MI6 crew (but they are all great, Dench is one of the best castings in cinema history, Desmond is a legend and Cleese, a legend in his own right, was a good replacement, and Samantha Bond had great chemistry with Brosnan), but also the minor characters like Robinson and Zukofsky. Even Tanner was memorable during the Brosnan era.

    Connery and Moore deserve an honorable mention here though, particularly Moore because as well the old regulars you also had Gogol making an appearance every now and again. Craig has had a great supporting cast too, Dench was still great and Wishaw is perfectly cast, but I find Moneypenny a bit miscast/lacking in chemistry with Craig.

    Performances- Dalton. He's perfect as the disgruntled, world weary assassin. And I like those sort of characters. Grizzled, weathered men of action (I think that's why I never warmed to the whole Bond Begins angle) and Dalton played that to perfection. Even though TLD is basically a reboot you still get the sense that this Bond has seen it all. When he's interrogating Pushkin and he tells the girl to get in the bathroom and lock the door, it sounds like someone who's used to this kind of thing. Or when Saunders is dead and he pops the balloon in his hands and he spots more of them so he sprints and leaps over the hedge gun drawn god he's just perfect. A professional, and that's all down to Dalton's performance. The most badass, ruthless Bond, but at the same time he seems like an actual, real person. He's human in a way that only Lazenby matches. I know Connery set the standard, but when I think James Bond I still think of Dalton, and I don't think that'll ever change. The lack of a third (fourth, fifth, sixth...) Dalton film is the biggest missed opportunity in cinema history, imo.

    I will say that Brosnan comes a close second, just because I find the lack of love for him on here a bit disheartening. He was just so effortlessly suave and cool, the perfect action hero Bond, and I loved how he could be a cocky playboy one minute and a wounded, brooding assassin the next. There are layers to him and a sense of vulnerability (matched only by Lazenby) that he doesn't get, or even give himself, enough credit for, imo.
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    Girls - Moore.
    Solitaire, Andrea, Goodnight (yes, I'm a huge fan), Anya, Naomi, Holy, Corinne, Melina, Magda and Octopussy are all great. I didn't like Stacy all that much but on the whole I think the batting average is quite high here.

    Moreover, Moore had excellent chemistry with all of them. Some also seemed quite modern for their time (Melina, Holy, Octopussy and Anya) and I think we regressed a little during the Dalton period on this front unfortunately.

    Having said this, Natalya and Vesper are two of my favourites outside the Moore era.

    Villains - Connery, followed closely by Moore.
    Outstanding start with Dr. No, Grant, Klebb, Kronsteen, unseen Blofeld, Goldfinger, Largo (love him), Fiona, Osato, Helga, Wint, Kidd etc. etc. Only the two later Blofelds (Pleasance and Gray) were a let down.

    I love the Moore era villains as well. Larger than life and highly charismatic, from Kananga/Big, Tee Hee, Nic Nac, Scaramanga, Jaws, Chandor, Stromberg, Drax, Kamal, Gobinda, Mishka, Grishka, Mayday and Zorin. Only Kristatos was a let down.

    Scores - Connery and Moore equally.
    Barry was at his best during Connery's era (very jazzy and more 'in your face', youthful and lively) but he also delivered some excellent work for Moore (MR & OP are more mature, but have lovely string work, and TMWTGG is one of my favourites because it's so quirky like the film). I'm a huge fan of both Martin's and Hamlisch's work for LALD & TSWLM respectively and that's why I have it as a tie.

    Title Songs - Connery and Moore tied.
    Incredible efforts during this time. LALD & NDIB are among my favourites.

    Cinematography - Tie between all except Dalton and Brosnan's period.
    This is a difficult one to rank. I thought some of the early Connery films were absolutely outstanding for their time. OHMSS is a work of art. TSWLM & MR as well. The Craig era has QoS and SF which are excellent, and throwbacks to the quality of the past. So it's a tie between Connery, Laz, Moore & Craig. I found the Dalton and Brosnan eras awful in this respect and were quite a turnoff visually.

    Action - Laz
    OHMSS is a superior effort for that time and so I give Laz the win. On the strength of OP, FYEO & TSWLM, Moore comes in 2nd.

    Plot/Storylines - Connery
    I can't really fault any of them. Compared to some of the convoluted familial nonsense we have had to endure most recently, they are works of art. I like the Moore era as well but they were somewhat repetitive. Connery had the advantage of coming first and the eariler films are standouts. Simple and benchmark efforts.

    Dialogue - Connery
    TB alone gives him the win but there's so much more.

    Supporting Cast - Connery
    Superb supporting crew. Apart from the best MI6 team (it's not even close), one has Quarrel, Felix (Lord), Kerim, Henderson, Aki, Tanaka, etc. etc.

    Performances - Connery followed by Moore
    Connery is the first, and in my view easily the best. He created the cinematic Bond, and did it in a way that every actor since has struggled to match his impact. Definitive.

    I personally have a soft spot for Moore's iteration because he's so different to Connery but just as entertaining to watch (imho) and also just as confident. These two set the standard in my view and every actor since then has attempted to be a combo of their work in some way, shape or form.
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    Title songs


    Brosnan. It was the very purpose of his era.



    Supporting cast

    Bond performance
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    Szonana wrote:
    Cinematography-Daniel Craig yes his films looked really beautiful except Quantum. But most of his films had this very cinemmatic expensive look to them.

    I disagree here. Quantum is beautifully shot except the editor put everything in a blender so it might not feel beautiful
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    w2bond wrote: »
    Szonana wrote:
    Cinematography-Daniel Craig yes his films looked really beautiful except Quantum. But most of his films had this very cinemmatic expensive look to them.

    I disagree here. Quantum is beautifully shot except the editor put everything in a blender so it might not feel beautiful

    True, the Opera scene was very beautifully shot and it had some good moments but the editing made me forget it did have its moments.

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    The car chase also has some beautiful angles. I really like the shot from the front of the two cars nudging each other towards the end of the chase. The scene also has the best sound/score of the Craig era
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    w2bond wrote: »
    The car chase also has some beautiful angles. I really like the shot from the front of the two cars nudging each other towards the end of the chase. The scene also has the best sound/score of the Craig era

    Do you mean the first one?, Where brought them Mr white?
    Yes that was a good chase seqeuence very well shot.

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    Connery all the way, but I will try to come up with something that isn't a win for the Connery era.
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    Bond girls- Craig. They are all gorgeous and also perhaps because they look better when filmed with new equipment. In old films their skin can look like barbie

    Villains- Sean Connery. Memorable larger than life villains. I also like the 80's but they have less screen presence


    Title Songs- No specific era. The ones that sound Bondian (eg FRWL, GF, TB, OHMSS, YKMN, SF)

    Cinematography-Craig for sure. Modern techniques.

    Action - As a whole, the Glen films have the best collection of action and stunts.

    Plots storylines - Connery - Fleming

    Scripts/Dialogue- Sean Connery. More classy especially in the first few films.

    Supporting cast: Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan. Casting overall is better since the 90's

    Bond Performances: I like them all
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    DALTON era

    Best movie duo (1st and 2nd film) of an actor.

    DN - FRWL comes close.
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    I'll take each actors run to be each 'era'

    Villains- Sean Connery

    Scores-Sean Connery

    Title Songs-Sean Connery

    Cinematography-Daniel Craig

    Action - George Lazenby

    Plots storylines - Sean Connery

    Scripts/Dialogue- Sean Conery

    Supporting cast: Daniel Craig

    Bond Performances: Daniel Craig
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    Bond girls - Connery
    Villains - Connery era edges Moore
    Scores - Moore
    Title Songs - Moore
    Cinematography - Craig
    Action - Craig
    Plots/Storylines - Connery, with a nod to Craig and Casino Royale
    Scripts/Dialogue - same as above
    Supporting cast - Connery edges Moore and Craig
    Bond Performances - Connery ahead of Craig
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