Black Light (Swedish fan film)

SatoriousSatorious Brushing up on a little Danish
I didn't notice this anywhere else on the forum, it came up as a suggestion on Facebook. Did you ever want to see a Swedish chap with a ponytail doing Connery impersonations? Sure you did! More details at "Have two Swedish amateurs made the last real Bond film?"

There are also a few other trailers and teasers here.

Dubious acting from some cast members but plenty of accomplished shots (for first time filmmakers) and some lovely music (really like the Bond theme variation on the Presentation trailer) and the first trailer was rather atmospheric and a step up from the usual "action clips" montage of most Bond trailers.

Anyway, this is just a bit of fun being as there is no Bond film news on the immediate horizon.


  • ClarkDevlinClarkDevlin Martinis, Girls and Guns
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    I've seen a trailer for this one. Seemed interesting enough. Love the red Aston Martin DB6 they were using.
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