Did the sudden death of Ilse Steppat (Irma Bunt) after OHMSS stop DAF from being a 'serious' film ?



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    It would have been interesting to see her come back in DAF,along with Savalas and Lazenby...
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    The public voted with their wallets and stayed away. It was still a modest hit but not in the league of TB or YOLT. EON decided to play it safe and go back to a formula that worked well in GF. To the chap who said Connery didn't shoot his gun and played a diamond smuggler for half the movie. Look at GF no shooting to speak of and Bond is captured for a good chunk of the movie.

    I don't think Ilse's death had anything to do with DAF changing tone.

    Another reason why GF is overrated. But at least Connery felt like Bond during the film, even when he was captured
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    I guess hind sight is one thing, but in 1970 with OHMSS takings down on YOLT and all the bad publicity surrounding GL and his quitting/sacking it was important for Cubby and Harry to get back on a sure footing.
    So they put OHMSS behind them, brought Sean on board and went for the safety of a more light hearted Bond film.

    Exactly. I seriously doubt her death or survival made an iota of difference as to what direction EON took. OHMSS was, intentionally, to be all but ignored for the next eight years.

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    I believe I have.

    @ClarkDevlin Nope. The reason I ask is I want to add your ranking to the list I'm compiling

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