SPECTRE: Which scene did you just know, you loved 2015's best spy film?

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Was it the helicopter stuff? Was it Bond lying to M's face? Was it Andrew Scott? Was it Bond stealing a car from Q? Was it the fun Rome street racing? Was it Mr White shooting himself in the head? Was it Bond thinking for several hours that "The American" in French, was a person? Was it Bond crashing a plane over and over till Madeliene was safe? Was it the best train fight scene in the series? Was it Bond debuting a new designer suit in every scene? Was it the debut of the classic scar and white cat? Was it Q hacking into Nine Eyes? Was it the fun photos hanging in old MI6? Was it Blofeld tying Madeleine Swann to train tracks and twirling his mustache? Was it Blofeld crawling like a worm across a bridge? Was it Madeliene deciding Bond's arms were safest after all?

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