The history behind James Bond Jr. ?

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How James Bond Jr. (the tv show) came to exist ? What's the history behind the scene ? It's a true question, the best abut JB Jr. ( doesn't answer to my question. In fact I never find an article in the web about the story behind this tv show ! Why nobody have never investigate about that (because the secret history of the show is terrible, a place where there is no mercy ?). Does somebody know a place where I can find this type of info ?



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    007 Magazine covered it a few times I think. I'll have a rummage.
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    In case you haven't already got it so far Mark Edlitz's second Bond book, The Lost Adventures of James Bond (2020), has a hefty section on the history of the James Bond Jr cartoon among many other things of interest.
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    There was an article on JBJr in one of the recent MI6 Confidential magazines. I'll have a look when I get home.
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    He was actually in NTTD (James Bond Jr). He was at the babysitter’s when all the chaos went down. In 2056 or so: Amazon presents, James Bond Jr. yes, Mathilde has a twin brother. You heard it here first. The name is “Bond Junior. James Bond Junior.”
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