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The only time that Bond movies have crept up to the UK 15 rating has been due to violence. What about the sexual content in Bond films? Should this be increased? The films have only flirted with very brief nudity and never in a significant way. They could probably get away with more and keep the 12A and PG-13 ratings. But would we want to see that? I don't watch Bond films for the sexual content - indeed, I often find that pretty boring (in Bond films). Would it undermine the series if we saw some PG-13/12A level nudity? Would Bond lose some of his fantasy hero status if we actually saw his bum? Would having a leading Bond girl go topless lead to accusations of old school sexism? I suspect the producers would never go down this route, but the violence in Bond films is far more likely to sail close to the 12A/PG-13 wind than the sexual content ever has.


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    It often seems that writers include nudity when they are out of ideas, and need some way to keep people watching. Considering the writing skill of P&W, I'm surprised Bond films aren't pornos by now. I hope the series never resorts to such cheap tricks.
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    What do you mean? I wouuld gladly and desperately like to see Bond's bum in the manner you suggest, we saw Dominic Coopers' in the Fleming miniseries mor than once and it certainly held my attention. As long as that we don't see any more explicit sex sxenes please, Fleming didn't include them for good reason and shame on Die Another Day for doing so.
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