Influences of the Bond films on your daily life

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I often wonder if the James Bond films have had an impact on fan's personalities. Would you be a different person without the Bond films? Which aspects of life have been influenced by your favourite spy?

I can of course only speak for myself.

Culturally, Bond has made a significant contribution to my film fascination. First I was a Bond fan and because of that I became a cinephile. If I had not played that TND game in the late nineties I would never have discovered Antonioni, Hitchcock or Bergman to name a few. Maybe I'm more forgiving for the Brozza years just for that reason.

In daily life, there are a few things too. Ever since I became a fan I never wear t-shirts or anything without collar for that matter. I generally believe that the clothes indeed do make the man. I play golf too (always think about Sean's five minute comment when I'm in the rough :D). Also love stylish cars. Which doesn't necessarily mean expensive mind you. There are some really vulgar expensive cars too.

What about you guys?


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