Mi6 Confidential Magazine back issues?

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I've got a complete collection apart from issue 28, so I've been looking for a copy of my missing issue for a while. Has anyone got any idea where I can get one from? The Mi6 shop has sold out of number 28, and eBay's not much good either.
I wouldn't mind if four or five issues were missing, but just the one is driving me up the wall! (how very OCD of me!)

This is the one I need.


Failing that, I've got a couple of issues spare if anyone wants to swap. I'd happily trade these two for issue 28.




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    Im looking to buy any back issues as well, if anyone wants to get rid of any I would be very interested. Yeah ebay isnt any good at the moment.
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    Anyone want to sell any back issues? I'm having serious trouble trying to track some down.
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    Hello, does anyone have a copy of MI6 Confidential Issue #22 on FRWL that they'd like to sell? Will consider any condition, mint, used, etc. Please PM me. Thank you in advance!
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