Your personal ranking of the bond games you have played

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We have a few ranking threads for the films but not the games as far as I can tell so here is my list

1. Bloodstone: the game is gorgous I love playing as Craig's bond the story is engaging it really does the same thing as Everything Or Nothing did in 2004 give us a sort of bond film experience while no film is out. Yes it borrows a lot from batman arkham series and splinter cell conviction but honestly I don't care I love the game play and story so much

2. Goldeneye 2010/reloaded: and here comes the anger from the fan community look 64 was fantastic and will be on this list but I loved the Craig version of Goldeneye more then the Brosnan version. It's no secret I feel Pierce is just ok as 007 and usually rank him last or next to last but even the most die hard Brosnan fan has to admit Dalton should of been bond for Goldeneye in the film I feel Pierce is just doing an impersonation of Dalton's bond here we get sort of a glimpse into Dalton as Bond in Goldeneye since Craig and Dalton are similar. My one issue with this game is the lack of a decent cover system if they took what we had in Quantum of solace and utilized it here the game might be number 1 for me

3. From Russia with Love: to be fair the next 4 games will be from EA but why is this 3rd well Connery is fantastic he levels are gorgous and the action is fantastic. A few too many liberties with the source material but honestly this game should of been a huge sellar and apparently wasn't (which is part of the reason that EA left bond behind also the fact they couldn't get Casino Royale out in time which I genuinely wonder what they would of done with that film) over all a fun game

4. Nightfire: the reason the game is so fantastic is largely down to the second level. In fact if I did just a top ten video game levels or if we ever got brave and did a video game level elimination game I have a funny feeling Exchange would win its just so amazing the issue is the rest of the game is just ok

5. The world is not enough: I only played the Ps1 version once however the N64 version I played so often and still to this day loved it playing nultiplayer with my brother (my little brother) was just a blast and he level designs were quite excellent

6. Everything or Nothing: it's a fantastic game and gives a nice send off to the Brosnan era (part of me in my bondathon is thinking of getting a working ps2 and one weekend speed running the game between die another day and casino Royale)

7. Quantum of Solace (360/PS3) I honestly love this game and feel it's underated by bond fans the cover system is good the level design is nice a few issues of course (no card game lack of quantum levels and no embassy shoot out level really?) I feel maybe Eurocom was rushed hence the lack of levels but I would of gladly take this game in 2009 with a proper level number (specifically the car chase in quantum the Haiti sequence the boat chase and the card game and embassy shoot out all should of been done)

8. Goldeneye N64 everyone can breath easy yes the game everyone loves is in my top 10 but it's honestly just ok:.. Sorry the levels while interesting just come across as ok now... Plus the lack of silenced weapons in later levels pissed me off to no end!!!

9. Quantum of solace Ps2 a decent game but lacking so many levels from the 360 version however I love mr white level and the Haiti level is so cool

10. James Bond 007 for game boy: play this game if you haven't it's so fun and has every thing I want in a bond game graphics are poor and level design is just ok hence why. It's here but it feels like a bond RPG which is quite cool

11. 007 legends: oh boy where do I begin... The game is just ok the voice actor is annoying as hell but I like the level design and it is cool seeing a lot of classic bond villains (and Gustov faves for some reason) back again

12. Agent under fire: bland story bland graphics and virtually no Bond girl shrugs the game fails but isn't completely horrible

13. James Bond the duel: wow what in gods name were they thinking with this one.... The story is crap and the level deign is kind of meh... I like that you can be stealthful though but still it's not great

And those are all the games I have played I do plan on getting a working PS1 and playing through tomorrow never dies the world is not enough and 007 racing just so I can be a completionist but yeah... Sadly with no new game on the horizon this list I don't see changing Untill I play the three old games I haven yet but from reviews I have a feeling they will all be quite low


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