Game of Thrones Where, how why? Fans where are you?

I get a big kick out of some of the discussions and we cover most subjects all over the universe. From Bond to Star Trek, to games, to upcoming TV shows and movies.
Yet despite being the most popular show worldwide, I never see any posts about this stellar television series.

The show just finished its Sixth season --ten episodes run on HBO and I have yet to see anyone start a discussion. Well I'm gonna go for it. BEWARE SPOILERS

I was disappointed with the previous Fifth Season. I had been reading the books and I found the OTT violence and brutality (in two scenes that were not in the books) to be shocking and I do not see why the producers felt they had to "push the envelope" last year. the show is immensely popular and there was no cause for some of the crap viewers were subjected to last year.

Aside from the Sand Snakes and any scene with Emilia Clark in it, I found Season 5 to be a letdown.

Now on to Season 6: I was highly satisfied. The show kept me entertained and I was glad to see at least two assholes get their just desserts (violent and bloody deaths).

I welcome and invite any GOT fans to "come on down" love to hear your thoughts, concerns or don't give a shytt.


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