Top 10 Performances as Bond

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Someone made this thread on the IMDB Bond Board and i decided it would be a nice idea to bring it here with 5 more picks( the one IMDB was a top5).

So which actors would make your top 10 performances in this character ?

here are mine

1 Sean Connery in Dr No he set the tone for all the other actors who followed him his elegance, charsima and thoughness were all there.
Its his performance with the most perfect balance between Fleming Bond and cinemmatic Bond his most standout moments.
The dinner with Dr No and his introduction at the Casino.

2 Pierce Brosnan in The World is not enough
he nailed the pre tittle sequence like in no other of his previous films, the scene at the swiss bank so influenced in connery in a good way, actually in that scene he was channeling in some way how Connrey was at the dinner with Dr No.

Its the film where he shows all the emotions of Bond in just one film, love, anger, betrayal, charm and lots of confidence he was almost all that In Goldeneye as well but This one has the edge of being a film completely written for him.

3 Daniel Craig in Skyfall

its his performance with the greatest balance between humor and seriousness Sam Mendez got all his best strenghts and made them stand out here, just like happens with Pierce in Goldeneye that gave he gave a great performance but still didn't look like a film tailored for him thats the case with Craig in Casino Royale.

Skyfall was a Bond movie where it got his very own sense of humor his charm and his action abilities in full display

4 Pierce Brosnan-Die Another Day
Its his Most confident performance and his greatest Moments like the Hotel scene in Honk Kong, the clinic scene in Cuba and his Talk with M at the underground station showed he was JAMES BOND in that film but what leaves that performance from being his best is the script which didn't let him get that many great scenes like the ones he had in The world is not enough.

5 Sean Connery - Goldfinger
In Goldfinger he once again set the Tone for Bond but this time a whole new cinemmatic version of the character. Its the film where departed from Fleming's idea and became The classic Cinemma Bond.

6 Daniel Craig- Spectre
Its The film where he showed he could have always played the Classic version of Bond the old seasoned spy we all loved. In this film we saw the end of his transition from a rookie 007 to the legendary Bond and he was fantastic here.
Very confident a very good sense oh Humor, sexy and finally enjoying his job.
What keeps it below Skyfall its the script which was not bad but certainly not the greatest.

7 Sean Connery - From Russia with Love
its the film where he showed the most emotions like sadness and anger at the same time when he saw Karim's dead. its the film where he is seen forming a really close Relationship with someone he had an even better relationship With Karim Bay than any other Felix.
and last but not least in this film he had the greaest chemistry with his Main Bond girl Tatiana Romanova

8 Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye
Yes he was quite nervous and needed to grow into the role but still made a great Debut performance and we knew we were watching a perfectly well rounded Bond with all the necessary traits this character needs.
Even though his pre tittles sequence looked like it wasn't made for him it was highly compensated by his scene at the Casino with Xenia Onatopp and his first meeting with M he showed from the very beginning of his tenure he was A very worthy successor of Sean Connery.

9 Timothy Dalton in Licence to kill
its the Film where he went all with his style. His scene where he sees Della dead is perfect it seems like he got the deja Vu from Tracy's death and felt things became personal to him another great scene is his encounter with M and says i guess its fare well to Armes he was mad but still had to be quiet for respect to his Boss.

The scenes with Sanchez were also amazing you see he wanted to kill him at every moment he was with him but waited fir the best moment to do so.
Dalton lacked the balance or mix of cinemmatic and Fleming Bond but he still makes my list because no one makes the truly angry Bond like him.

10 Daniel Craig- Casino Royale Apart from being a great performance for his debut he Also succeded on the challenge of making Bond looking like a rookie agent showing all the flaws this guy had we know he still has a lot to learn from this buisness.
He shows a Much more ironic sense lf humor, he is waymore selfish, whinny, moody and yet naive to the point really falling in love and thinking for the first time to leave his job.

Honorable mentions
Sean Connery- Thunderball
Pierce Brosnan- Tomorrow never dies
Daniel Craig - Quantum
Roger Moore- Ths Spy who loved me
George Lazenby - On her Majesty's secret service


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