Moore tells Craig to quit on a high

Roger Moore has told Daniel Craig he should quit on a high note after SP.

'Spectre was the silliest, and therefore the best, of his films, and I don't think it will get any better.'

I'm glad they got away from the brutality of CR; that's not my image of Bond. What I liked in Spectre was that there was the nasty torture scene, a bit heavy for me I admit, but then Bond got straight back up and he was back to normal; no consequence. I also like the fact it didn't concern itself too much with plausibility or plot coherence. It was silly and fun entertainment. That's what appeals to me and what I pushed for in my films. Yes it could have done with a few more daft moments but overall I give it the thumbs up.'

Moore cites his favourite moment in Bond as getting in and out of a gorilla suit with several people in the same, small room and nobody noticing. 'Looking at my watch was a bit of inspiration on my part'.

'I loved DAD, apart from the juvenile dialogue and the sword fight , which was far too violent for Bond. If I had been asked to do that, I would have suggested kicking Graves in the nads and running off, whereupon I would have ran across my old mate J W pepper and we could have a classic silly car chase, but this time with invisible cars.'

Roger's favourite film is DAF because 'it was the first true Bond film'. 'I'm glad that Sean finally embraced what remains my vision of Bond. Something that doesn't take itself seriously. Full of camp and humour. I miss the double taking drunks and animals. They should have become tradition.

And finally his least favourite - 'The Dalton ones because they were too flemingesque.'


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    This sounds like a parody of something Moore could have said. Where does this "interview" appear?
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    " old mate J W pepper.." ? (:|

    Sir Rog' doesn't 'do' long-winded answers, hence I doubt the validity of the above. Especially the half-witted bit about DAD.

    I call bollocks.
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    This is not real, surely?
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    April fool's day is not yet here @Scaramanga12 you're 8 days early.
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    :) He can be a fool all year round, he's had the practice.
    The usual bull, from the usual source,
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    Yet another actor's "quote" thread with no link or evidence.

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