Bond 23 Lyrics: Give us a title and a line or two.

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The Property Of A Lady: ...maybe baby, he's the property of a lady...

The Hildebrand Rarity: ...he stares at me like the Hildebrand Rarity.....


  • Sounds like fun. I'm not a lyricist but I'll have a go. The big question is Film title? So here are my titles and attempts:

    Chimera:uuuuuuuuuuuuummmm ummmmmmmmmmm....I'll leave it to you guys.

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    Risico: Ris - ic - ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
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    Its The Hildebrand Rarity
    Can't You See
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    Be careful where you stand, you're in the shadow of Shatterhand!
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    Where does he go...
    What does he know
    He'll never show
    only a shadow for...
    Oh, oh, oh in the shadow of Ri-si-cooooooooo (belted out by Shirley Bassey)
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    "(soft)You know his name.....You know his name......
    If you've failed to see him you still know of him and his ways....
    History will carry on his name.....

    His words are said with clarity.
    He attacks his enemies with severity,
    He doesn't give his heart to charity, because he's

    (belted out)Property of a Lady, Property of a Lady!

    This lady he serves, he never looks back,
    The obstacles in his missions never get him off track,
    He's the winner, take all or his life, but still his love is as sharp as knife,

    (belted out)Property of a Lady, Property of a Lady!

    He's not worried about dying for glory, his actions will tell the world his story,
    An agent of grace, a remarkable face, his lovers and friends alike won't forget it,
    Forever in history's heart he will stay,
    He will serve Britain till his dying day,because he's

    (belted0Property of a Lady, Property of a Lady, Property oooooooof a Laaaaaaaady,.....PROPERTY OF A LAAAAAAADDDDDDY!!!"

    Any thoughts?

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    Propety of a lady. (More comingsoon in my fan art thread, but some litle preview.) A Child in the water, a face in the mirror, a pink cloud, another way to die. Not bold, it is not a time of gold but the heart that tolt. Showing me your beauty when we are one. I can be who you wants me to be but do you stil love me. Dench!..

    Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. This not be a normal drill any thaught can kill who pay the next bill. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

    Bond 24: 007 in New york

    A brother be you friend in the cold of time, a lady isn't not on your side. It be martini's girls and gold. A glimp wil rise you day again. A goodnight sleap turn in to a tradegy. When silence witness girl return to your eyes New York New york you feel like a number in New York New york. It feels sometimes this hill's too stiff for a men like me to climb. But me must knock those dore right down I'll do it in my own time to turn the city up and down. II'm half way there I'm just search up the magic in in New york New York iam the city that never sleeps.

    ''A goodnight sleap turn in to a tradegy''. is reference to something in a Bond Novel, explain later in fan art thread.
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    I've roamed through the lands and seas In search of you
    A mystery through and through
    You only take, you never give
    there's a man in the shadows dealing the cards
    Whispers of hate, Whispers of love

    Oh, Risico-ooo-ooooh.... et cetera

    Yeah, not that good :p
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    If it's a woman named Risico:

    Risico, Risico
    the girl that's incognito
    a mystery wherever she goes
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    He's pink, he's black
    He's a dangerous snack
    His fins have spines
    If you're daring to dine

    He tries to swim
    but you've poisoned him
    He's caught in your throat
    As you're thrown off the boat

    He's the Hildebrand Rarity
    Forget him, there's plenty more fish in the sea
    For the Hildebrand Rarity
    Will kill you...

    ...your death you will see
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    The Property of A Lady

    From the moment she sees you, you're reserved
    Though it may not please you much, you're hers
    If you try to leave,
    She can make you grieve,
    So seductive be her whispered words

    Of a lady, of a lady
    you're the pro-per-ty of a lady
    underneath her thumb, so shady
    She's no lady
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    A man in the dark whose world is cruel
    Hiding from shadows and the sharks in the pool
    You try to get close but the man is no fool
    Living for the day that the sky will fall

    Those who watch him hope he'll answer their call
    His talents are big, his targets not small
    He dresses so well that men all walk tall
    He's living his life in case the sky may fall

    High beyond the heaven
    (backing vocal in harmony) 007
    High above the heaven
    Awaits the man who will strike
    High above heaven
    (backing vocal in harmony) 007
    High above heaven
    James Bonds in his sights

    And that's as far as I got...sort of starts off as a Song about Bond but it actually relates to the villain. Skyfall fits quite well if not as a chorus piece...

    Hope you like this folks. Think Bassey or Buble. :-)

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    "Until the Sky Falls"

    Tied up in the string
    You left to find your way out
    It seemed such a simple thing,
    Guilty beyond a shadow of doubt.

    Such a deliberate disguise -
    A rat's coat, crowskin and crossed staves
    Trapped in the beauty of a woman's thighs
    With the violent souls of jealous knaves

    Death's hood fits like a glove
    (The joy of love)
    Swollen in a tide of dread
    (The clarity of hatred)
    Behaving as the wind behaves,
    Compassion wrapped in a sheath
    (The ecstacy of grief)
    Ruled by passion
    Until the sky falls

    Epiphany, reprise

    It's not very good.
  • HASEROTHASEROT has returned like the tedious inevitability of an unloved season---
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    the violence in a whisper
    the passion in her touch
    a fool-hearted sense of romance
    for one is just too much..

    she'll sweep you off your feet
    with a wink your fate is sealed
    your life now hangs in the balance

    sorry love, no deals..
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    "Obstipation Factor"

    You're left no choice,
    You're all alone,
    No one will save you now,
    You ask yourself why?
    How did it happen?
    *grumbling noise*

    You keel over, when will it end?
    The passage is blocked, there's no way out,
    It runs through you, like a lamb on a skewer (clue)
    The only place for you is the hole in the Earth,
    Drained of all life, you seek it to no end,
    No-one will know your pain,
    As that pain becomes a murmur,
    You clasp for it, hold on or be flushed,
    No-one will know your gone....
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    Mirrors Who do You Trust


    Michael Bubble. PS its 10 mins long.

    A door on the table
    Making mud pies
    Look at a mirror
    Who do you trust?
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    I thought you were leaving.
    Goodbye forever.
    It's never that easy...
    The goodbye never lasts.
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    Im not giving u my email bennt so stop trying to impress me please.

    By Mumferd and Sons

    Ohh yeah Risico
    Breakin my heart
    My soul
    But thts your job
    James bond 007... Risico
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    I guess now we can change the title to Bond 24 Lyrics, yes?
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    to meet Solange, a young lady
    have scrambled eggs, the recipe
    your boyfriend's in the KGB
    New York, New York
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    Qbranch i am loving the lyric!...a little inspiration perhaps? ...or perspiration?
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    CrabKey wrote:

    The Hildebrand Rarity: ...he stares at me like the Hildebrand Rarity.....
    <img src="">;

    This is a discussion of humor (see above) and excellence and I would to come forth with my own contribution.

    Drawing inspiration from @0Brady0Matic7 and Mrs. Alicia Keys, I submit for Bond 24 Property of a Lady:

    Man on Fire

    He's just a man, but he's on fire,
    Colder than a fantasy, lonely like a highway,
    He's living in a world, he set on fire,
    Filled with catastrophe, but he can't fly away

    He got both feet, on the ground,
    And he's burning it down,
    He's got his head, in the clouds,
    And he's not coming down

    This man is on fire,
    This man is on fire,
    He's walking on fire,

    Looks like man, but he's a flame,
    So bright, he can burn your eyes,
    Look the other way, little girl,
    You can try but, you will never forget his name,
    He's on top of the world,
    Hottest of the hottest girls say

    This man is on fire,
    This man is on fire,
    He's walking on fire,

    Everybody stares, as he goes by,
    Because they can see the flame within his eyes,
    Watch him, he's lighting up the night,
    Nobody knows that he's a lonely girl,
    And it's a lonely world,
    But he gon' let it burn, baby, burn, baby

    Cause maybe, baby this man is on fire,

    Oh, oh, oh, oh ohhhhh oh oh oh ohhh oh oh oh ohhhh

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    Bond 25 - Property of a lady (The stars last twinkle)
    Something that's been gnawing at you and me again

    Should i accepted all this thirth

    Where do you pick me up and bring me to.

    Words are my best friend, but it is the silence that speak

    When the star shine for last time.

    The star last twinkle comes

    Where are you my friend, Where are you my friend...

    Friend ? Frie .nd...


    Eve: Enjoy silence James
    James: I just
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