Jonathan's Pryce Carver and Waltz Blofeld

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Is it me or Waltz Blofeld and Carver were quite similar??

Look at these scenes

Tomorrow never dies


blofeld also had a few traits of this villain as well


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    Could be, but I think the style of clothing. Is to show a man uninterested in " fashion "
    Or frippery ?
  • Uhh, Waltz was a terrible Blofeld. His talents are currently being put to use at the correct level by advertising clash of clans.
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    In Spectre I saw shades of Elliot Carver in the depcition of Blofeld- Information is all. Especially for sure when he enters his surveillance room with a tapatalk notepad in his hands. He is a master of info in that scene, a voyeur and a modern day sneak. I think Kingsman proved an internet baron with a killer app could be plausible and new threat and maybe Bond should chart that territory as well, angels of death on the internet, also we do have a hyber Zuckerberg in the new Batman v Superman clip so someone agrees with that idea on a blockbuster scale anyhow since we have seen many numerous ideas repeated from the Brosnan films to the Craig films only done better I see no issue with bringing back a media baron who manipulates the world with a corporate stranglehold on the truth, its dark it's relevant and it's fairly uncharted for Bond so just give him a limp and we're good to go.
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    Carver was a man devolving into madness; Waltz's Blofeld was there from birth.
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    Waltz is a great actor, it's just that Mendes clearly didn't know what to do with him.
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    I think Carver had the potential to be a better villain than Waltz's Blofeld, but TND didn't go far enough into being a commentary on the media and their role in shaping world events for that to come through. Instead it was just a wall-to-wall action film with just slight hints of that commentary firmly in the background.

    Waltz's Blofeld is pretty weak. Part of it is the script he's saddled with, what with the nonsense about him being childhood acquaintances of Bond's. The other part is that it feels like we've seen this shtick before with Waltz, most notably with his Hans Landa character. Ultimately, neither character ended up being as good as they could, and should, have been.
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