I think some things desperately need clearing up...

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So, like the rest of you, I visited my favourite forum, only to find it totally gutted with a note on the door to say they've moved. It's like my wife has left me for another man. So, naturally I'm crushed. And like any person, I'd want to know why my wife left me. I've read through most threads for a definitive answer from a mod, preferably James Page, but no luck. Hence I've created this 'discussion' or as most normal people would say, thread.

I just want to know a few things: Why was the change needed? Why were we not informed? Why was no input from any of the members needed before such a radical decision was made? How am I supposed to care about this forum when it could be also deleted in an instant?

I didn't see what was wrong with the old one, sure, the search was made by prehistoric hippos, but we all got round it. Now I'm not a hater on new things, or change, but for something like this to happen and have no explanation is criminal. I'll abduct CASINO ROYALE to ransom unless my old forum is returned. Thanks.


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    It looks like we won't get more explanation than this: http://www.mi6-hq.com/moved/ ...
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    Did James say that? If he didn't want to host a forum - and I wouldn't blame him - he could have just said so. :S
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    We don't hate the new forum we just hate how we still haven't gotten any explanation about what really happened.
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    wow that's quite a thing to say, considering a community makes a forum. May as well call this site just 'MI6'. I just think we at least deserve to know the reasons why this was done.
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    I think not telling people was... odd to say the least. I'm all about embracing change but c'mon, wth? It isn't fair, feels back stabby, etc.
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    To be fair on Mr. Page he also said:

    "No warning was possible due to a lot of other stuff going on. Look around outside of these walls and you can see some other drastic changes. That's it for now - no further details atm.

    Please believe me when I say that how this transition went down was the toughest decision we've ever made over the 13 years of running MI6".
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    Closing this thread as the answers you seek are over here
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