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I've read four books about "Ripley's Believe it or not!". For those unfamiliar with the books, it's basically a GWR book filled with crazy stories instead of records. The name of the books are, as well as their respective color: Dare to Look! (Light green), Reality Shock! (Dark green), Strikingly True! (Red) and Download the Weird (Blue). Here are 5 stories from each book:

Dare to Look:
An american from Massachusets received the wrong ticket from an unconcentrated employee, but he did not complain and won 7 million from that ticket.

The hottest rain ever recorded fell over California during August 2012 with a temperature of 46 degrees Celsius. But the heat and the dry air caused most of the air to evaporate before hitting the ground.

An earthquake disaster that happened in Missouri during 1812 was so violent that it caused the Mississsippi river to flow backwards for three days and even caused church bells to ring 1600 km away.

A bowhead whale can become over 200 years old and because of it's back's anatomy, it never stops growing.

A welsh pony named Crunchie must sleep on a pile of wrinkled paper, because he suffers from hay fever.

Reality Shock:
A sleepy German banker fell asleep with a finger resting on the key "2" on his keyboard, which resulted in a transfer of 62 € becoming 222 222 222,22 €.

A German car mechanic missed the last bus home and had drunk so much beer that he almost unknowingly went to a stable and crawled up onto a horse's back and fell asleep, while the horse was still standing up.

After having robbed a woman at a parking lot in Melbourne, Australia, the 64-year old thief got caught almost immediately as he was too slow when he was loading his walker into his car.

Herbert Jenkins in Detroit, USA, is the only member in the Assistant Supervisors of Street Maintenance and Construction Association.

On the morning of April the 1st, inhabitants of the town Sitka, Alaska, could see a thick black pillar of smoke coming out of the volcano Mount Edgecumbe. The volcano had been inactive for thousands of years, and people started to panic. A coast guard helicopter was sent to take a closer look, and what the pilot saw almost made him die of laughter. A pile of 70 car tires were burning and in the snow could letters be seen saying 'April Fools!'.

There are only 22 countries England has not colonised: Guatemala, Bolivia, Paraguay, Luxembourg, Liecthenstein, Belarus, Andorra, Monaco, Vatican City, São Tomé and Príncipe, Sweden, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mali, Ivory Coast, Tchad, Central African Republic, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Marshall Islands.

Download the Weird:
Two years after he had been fined for speeding in London, the man had emigrated to New Zeeland were he again was fined for speeding - by the same policeman who stopped him in England! Just like the surprised driver, the policeman had recently emigrated to New Zeeland.

The american bill printing works "Bureau of Printing and Engraving" had made over a billion 100 $ bills that became completely worthless when the bills creased during the printing process.

It took 3 years for the first american mint to incuse 1 million coins. Today, the mint in Philadelphia can incuse the same amount of coins in 30 minutes.

During January the 31st, 2011 a woman unintentionally drove into an Insurance Company in Tampa, Florida. Conveniently, said Insurance Company was also responsible for her car Insurance.

A fisherman in Mexico caught something that could be completely unique: An albino bullshark with one eye placed directly on it's forehead. He originally caught the mother who had 10 babies and one of them was the albino "cyclop" shark.

Strikingly True:
The firing in connection with the first World War ceased in 1918, but the war wasn't officially over until October the 3rd, 2010. Germany paid that day the last remaining payment in accordance with the war reparations Germany was ordered to pay at the Peace Treaty of Versailles in 1919. The payment would have happened a lot sooner if Hitler hadn't opposed the agreement.

The entire police force of 15 people in the hungarian city of Budaors immediately resigned after winning 100 million at the lottery.

In the four-digit lottery in Pennsylvania March the 31st 2010, the numbers drawn were 7777 and the jackpot was 7,77 million $.

The language Rotokas, spoken in Bougainville on Papua New Guinea only has 12 letters in the alphabet, namely A E G I K O P R S T U and V.

A 60-year old woman who lives in a suburb to Stockholm shares her apartment with her mother, her sister, her son - and 191 cats.


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