When is a christmas movie not a Christmas movie?

I haven't seen any festive discussions going on here, so here's one. There's been a very heated debate at work today over what makes a Christmas movie. I argued that Die hard was no more a Christmas movie than Rambo first blood. Is it enough that a movie is set at that time of year? Or does Christmas need to be central to the plot to qualify?


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    When little green monsters start killing people.
  • When it's Krampus.
  • I'd argue that Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

    Die Hard may be an action movie but it does take a look at relationships. The only reason he gets into what happens is due to him wanting to spend the holiday with his wife and kids. Take a look at the scene where McClane is pulling shards of glass out of his feet. He tells Powell that he wants him to tell his wife that he's sorry for everything he did previously that led to their estranged marriage. I love how Christmas bells were inserted into the score as well.

    I think a movie can be considered a "Christmas" movie if it has any undertones that a holiday movie would (relationships, redemption or the general feeling of the holiday).
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    Die Hard and Home Alone are my favorite Christmas action movies. ;)
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    Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Lethal Weapon, Gremlins... all great fun filled family Christmas flicks!
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    I'd say a Christmas movie is a movie where Christmas is central to its plot and/or its atmosphere and/or its theme. Thus Die Hard is a Christmas while First Blood is not. The latter could as well have been set at any other time of year and indeed in the original novel was set in autumn.

    Cool topic by the way.
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    So can we consider OHMSS as a Christmas movie?
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    @Last_Rat_Standing I would, it takes place at Christmas, has a Christmas song, and has themes of family (barely)
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    So can we consider OHMSS as a Christmas movie?

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    National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, that's a xmas film i've always enjoyed!
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    @Last_Rat_Standing I would, it takes place at Christmas, has a Christmas song, and has themes of family (barely)

    It has Christmas themes: gluttony, a sort of census, life and death mixing, etc.
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    When it's shown in July.
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    Lethal Weapon another good Christmas movie, it has a Christmas song :)
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    When is a Christmas movie not a Christmas movie???? When there is a car chase in it. Unfortunately we could never quite define what a car actually is so I guess we can't answer this question either. :o3

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