Skyfall vs. SPECTRE

Posted this in another topic, but thought I'd post here for discussion purposes. After viewing SPECTRE 4 times in theaters so far (yes I know it's extreme but Bond films are only in theaters every 3 years minimum!) I came to the conclusion that I didn't like the movie as much as Skyfall, despite liking the beginning (PTS) and end (3rd Act plus DB5 at the end) much better than Skyfall. I couldn't put my finger on exactly the problem with the movie was though. The pacing is definitely a bit off, and the villains motivations were kind of dumb, but I still felt there was something else.

I decided to do a scene by scene breakdown of the movies to try and determine where SPECTRE goes wrong. I broke down each scene with a rating of 1-5, and tallied up the score at the end. To my surprise both were exactly even.

Still hard for me to put my finger on exactly what is wrong with SPECTRE, but I still think its a great movie. Not quite as good as CR or SF, but about 150 billion times better than QoS.

Anyways here is my breakdown. Funny how the movies follow the same formula so closely, but that's bond after all. Love it or hate it!

Curious what others think of it.

Scale 1-5
1 = Meh
5 = Amazing

Opening Scene
Skyfall - Turkey Chase = 2
SPECTRE - Mexico City Long Shot/Chopper = 4

MI6/M Interaction
Skyfall - Back From Death, Fitness/Phsych Tests, Judi Dench M, Meeting Mallory = 3
SPECTRE - Mallory/Moneypenny = 2

Skyfall - National Gallery = 3
SPECTRE - Q's Workshop = 4

Act 2 Begins
Skyfall - Shanghai Jellyfish = 5 (AMAZING SCENE!)
SPECTRE - Rome, Bellucci, and Secret Meeting = 3

Act 2 Continues
Skyfall - Macau Casino & Love Boat = 2
SPECTRE - Austria, Pale King, Swann, & Plane vs Cars = 3

Moving Along
Skyfall - Island Rats = 4
SPECTRE - Tangier L'American & Train = 1

Act 2 Concludes
Skyfall - London Subway & Public Inquiry = 4
SPECTRE - Morocco Lair & Torture = 2

Act 3
Skyfall - Scotland Mansion = 2
SPECTRE - London MI6 Sprint = 3

Skyfall - THIS IS THE END = 2
SPECTRE - BMT-216A = 5

Skyfall - 27 = MUCH better middle part of movie
SPECTRE - 27 = much better beginning and end


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