Trailer and Movie has different Oberhauser's voice take

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About Oberhauser's quote "it's been a long time" in the first trailer, it is certainly different take from what has been used in the movie. I don't know why they did this.

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    In movies they often do more than one take. The line about taking overdue holiday in the trailer is a take with a more humourous delivery. The trailer is cut well before the final cut, hence there is sometimes discrepancies. Often shots not used in the final cut are in the trailer - e.g. Thunderball trailer - the things I do for England, which is cut from the film but the line then appeared in YOLT. There is a shot of Bond running in Regent Park in the SF teaser trailer, again not used in the final cut.
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    This is true, much like a lot of the line changes from the SF trailers to the finished product. However, this is a rather minor topic that has been discussed already in many SP-related threads, so please continue in one of those that you see fit, such as the Appreciation Thread or the Reviews thread, perhaps.

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