Who Should write Bond 25?



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    If we're going to have a 'wordy' Bond film that plays on the dramatic/spy side of things more than the straight-up action sequences we're given, that's fine. BUT, if this is going to be the case again, then make the action entertaining and worthy enough to look forward to, not a few set pieces riddled with CGI. CR had a wonderful blend of drama/excitement/spy work and action.
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    Interesting that Maibaum started with the villain's plan and Purvis and Wade approach it from the perspective of Bond's journey.

    On writing the Bonds Maibaum said "The real trick of it is to find the villain's caper. Once you've got that, you're off to the races and the rest is fun."

    Purvis described their approach when they joined the Bond franchise as to "come in with ideas, things we've found in science magazines, on the internet, interesting weapons and what's happening in technology. Then we find a journey for Bond to go through."

    It's very telling that the villain's plan has not been central to most of the P+W entries. It's been a fundamental weakness of most of their writing.

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    Here's what I'd like to see.

    Story by Ian Fleming and Neal Purvis & Robert Wade, based on the novel "You Only Live Twice"
    Screenplay by Neal Purvis & Robert Wade and S. Craig Zahler*

    *based upon seeing his movie Bone Tomahawk, which is a wonderfully atmospheric journey-through-hell to the surreal villain's lair which strongly parallels with YOLT

    Strongly agree about Zahler. Other than that, if they bring Nolan or Villeneuve aboard, be it now or later, they can contribute with the writing themselves.
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