Tim Dalton blasts new bond film SPECTRE (spoilers)

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In an exclusive interview with goldeneye magazine, ex bond actor Timothy Dalton has derided the new Bond film as 'utter balls' and demanded a return to the gritty realism that marked his two films as the lead.

'They seem very confused about what they want to achieve. Dan's first was a film that I would have wanted to do. But the last two in particular have been very disappointing. The plots have had more holes in them than Klara's cello. They need to get back to basics'.

'And that torture scene. I thought finally, things were about to get nasty. But they didn't. Disappointed.'


  • Link?
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    It's subscription only

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    Wilson has stated several times that Dalton remains a personal friend so much that in a recent interview linked to this forum Wilson refused to say anything negative about Dalton.

    This interview just seems too out of character or at least what I have perceived as the character of Dalton.

    Plus he is still using TLD references? Sorry but sounds more like a Dalton uber fan taking shots at craig. Did the interviewer give his name?
  • Yep, I'm calling BS.
  • There's more of it but I have to work. I will try to get more of it up later. Also, I am paraphrasing a bit because of time constraints.
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    A 'scan and post' would be helpful here. I don't disagree if he said those things, particularly this reported statement:

    They seem very confused about what they want to achieve.

    However, some evidence would be much appreciated, at some point. Cheers
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    Is this real? Dalton got his leading lady's name wrong....it's Kara.
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    Perhaps he's been watching too much Dr Who! Or maybe Scaramanga12 made a typo?!
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    I'm not buying this.
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    This sure sounds as windy as a sack full of farts to me.
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    "I thought finally, things are about to get nasty"

    Did he say that with a Northern accent too? :))
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    What a load of utter shite.
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    What a load of utter shite.

    Think that pretty much sums it up.
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    In all seriousness, I can imagine Dalton being a little unhappy with the more fantastical moments in Spectre.
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    Don't believe this in the slightest. What Goldeneye Magazine is this then? Sounds like a total wind-up. I think @Scaramanga12 is talking total balls.
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    is Scaramanga12 back ? I thought he was worried about some sort of sexual
    congress taking place ? :D
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    Sounds utterly bogus.
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    Goldeneye Magazine?

    Did a Google search. Couldn't find one. Never heard of it.

    He's winding up fans.

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    Tim Dalton is a class act, and would not say anything using terms like this. Tim does not suffer from jealousy of another actor in the part. This is clearly aimed at stirring up trouble, and clearly a fake story!

    For starters, some of the lines are taken directly from the films.

    However, in all honesty, for the enormous budget and talent behind Spectre, the film is a let-down. Monica Bellucci was woefully underused, and a shame that in 2015, they could not have worked in something far more sophisticated for her scenes with Bond. She was nothing more than a quick shag. So much for respect for women, as has been claimed is the going thing for the new series!!!!!

    It took Bond longer to get going with Plenty O'Toole than her, and that film was played for laughs.
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    Time to lock this BS.
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    Video or it didn't happen.
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    There's a useful four-letter word...and this quote is full of it ;)
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    Well, Roger Moore loved it, and that counts for more.
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    I suggest @Scaramanga12 comes up with something of a link or some more 'proof' of the validity of said article. :-) Otherwise, we will have to shut this thread, which is becoming pretty spammy, down. ;-)
  • I hold my hands up. It was a joke which fell a bit flat. The last paragraph is rubbish. Sorry.
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    I need comforting :(

    I missed the screening of Spectre this late afternoon because of work. At least I was able to rebook the ticket for tomorrow, but now I have to wait a full 24 hours :(( !! and I have only seen it 3 times !!

    PS: I thought I post my message in this utterly useless thread if nobody minds ;)

    :(( 24 hours!! :((
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