Hey all,
I think SPECTRE could be one of the best Bond films of all time... BUT, it missed the mark on 4 scenes which, for me, completely ruined the film. I'm interested to see what other serious fans think about these same 4 scenes. Not trying to troll, I LOVE BOND, what's up with these scenes? Anyone picking up on a purpose for them that I'm missing?

1. The "drilling into Bond's head" scene.. Seriously, what did this accomplish? You take us to this beautiful and mostly "classic" villain lair and then waste it on some matrix style medical torture? UGH who wrote this?

2. The destruction of MI6 with the girl tied up with det cord? You are kidding me right! The classic pick yourself or the princess nonsense. I thought you were better than this scene! WHY did you even take us back to MI6 in the first place? It served no purpose. Blofeld made his apparent escape already and set it up for the perfect next film!!!

3. The return of Blofeld in his helicopter directly tied to scene I mentioned above... While I love that Bond switched from the Sig to the Walther to shoot down the bird (homage to Dr. No perhaps when only the PPK is good enough for the job) WHY in ALL THAT IS HOLY do you have Blofeld back, crash his helicopter, and then Bond have this horrible interaction with him. We could go on a lot here, Like why make them freaking "brothers"... but seriously, this scene... NO

4. The end of film... In the past, Bond and the girl make love as the sun goes down, in a space shuttle, in a row boat, etc... But they end with the hint that Bond will return, they even tell you, "JAMES BOND WILL RETURN" most of the time. Now, Craig takes the girl (who must be another Vesper Lynd traitor character) runs off with the DB5 and says to Q that he's left. For now, or for good? will Bond be back?

Finally, remember how all the old films were mostly independent.... In my opinion, please go back to this. You aren't producing twilight or the hunger games with some interconnecting plot bullshit 4 years apart. This is BOND! Let Blofeld sneak off after destroying his compound ( which could have taken up about 15 more minutes of action and destruction), then take the plot entirely to taking down C since you decided to play that crazy card, and restore the glory that is MI6, Q, and the future. In the next film, now Blofeld has another crazy story to tell about taking over the world and the franchise can resume it's greatness!!!!!! WHY... WHY did you not do it this way?


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