SPECTRE; what had to be a great night turned out to be a nightmare NO- SPOILERS

So at 0.01 am last night was Belgium's premiere. After watching the excellent 'Skyfall' again, expectations were very high for number 24.
2hours and 30 minutes later I just had the feeling: what a waste of time ! Is this the best they can do ?
To resume: SPECTRE is just dull and disappointing, extremely thin plot (is there a decent plot anyway?), the whole Morocco part is just ridiculious, Léa Seydoux is tasteless as a Bond girl and Christopher Waltz is so baaaaad as vilain. Not bad as mean, but just so wrongly played


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    There are several Spectre review threads active already. Do we need another one? 8-|
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    He posted this twice ...and it's his only post. He joined to just bash it seems.

    Mods should close since we already have threads for this.
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    You've already posted your rather negative review in the proper thread, so there's no need for this.

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