Confirmation of title song recording

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As just posted on this site, Mendes confirmed that the title song has been recorded, it is excellent (naturally), and there will be 100 minutes of original score for SPECTRE. Good to hear and quite exciting. For all of those Barry & Arnold fans who appreciate snippets of the title track incorporated into the score, it would seem that this could be a possibility for SPECTRE.


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    He also said we won't have to wait long for an announcement so let's hope we hear something soon.
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    100 minutes of score that is great. I hope this means also that the films running time will
    be long as well. Mendes mentioned that the tiltle song was fantastic can not wait to hear it.
    And who is performing it. If Correct it will be Ellie Goulding ;)
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    This has already been posted and discussed in the Title Song and Production Timeline threads. There's no need to make a separate one for all the updates regarding the film, so please continue discussion on this in the aforementioned threads.

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