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Wow, the first tweet of Luc Besson is to announce Valerian and Laureline on the big screen :

And then we learn these archetypal French sci-fi heroes (yes the concept exists, but Valerian and Laureline are the sole known examples), will be played by Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne, arg...


Big pressure here for them to deliver the French attitude (Valerian brags a lot and does not do much, and Laureline saves the day).



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    Ah, so that's why I constantly think of space movies hese last two days.

    I never read any French scifi comics, but that picture you posted, @Suivez, suggests an intriguing atmosphere. I'm curious if Besson is going to make it look French or American.
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    I remember some of the comics in Dutch when I was a younger fellow but found them inferiour to the British Doctor Who. But the comics were pretty decent nonetheless. Looking forward to any Luc Besson movie. They rarely fail to entertain.
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    I know a bit Dr Who (well mostly some Tom Baker episodes and the whole Eccleston season), and I would not try to compare them. Laureline is not Valerian's companion, but at least his equal. And in the sixties, it was quite a big deal (keep in mind, Valerian started in 1967...). And Valerian is not a alien at all...

    Valerian is the kind of hero who gets drunk during his mission. But I really don't know if they'll respect that for the movie. I cannot imagine this movie to be average for a reader of the comics, it's going to be hit or miss IMO... (or possibly a very good movie that happens to have characters called Valerian and Laureline !).


    FYI, Luc Besson already used (officially) the skills of Valerian's cartoonist to create the visual mood of The Fifth Element.
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    Also how will they deal with all that looks like something well known now... :)

    From the comics whose movie will be adapted according to the title, for instance, at one moment Valerian is frozen like this..


    quite a few years before you know what.

    Frankly I hope it'sa movie that is being produced because Guardians of the Galaxy was a huge success. Let's hope it means the fun will be there. And it may look like a copycat in the end, but a very strong female character may do the difference, Cara Delinvingne may not suspect she plays a role which means a lot for many French, she's the real hero, who happens to be in love with an anti-hero (Laureline is a first name created by the comics' author, and a few thousands French christened their daughter Laureline after that).
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