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    Mendes and the writers have put loads of hidden and esoteric stuff into SF and SP, its chocked with the stuff, I've added stuff in a couple of other threads about it.
    But - getting to the deeper stuff of who and what she represents - she represents esoterically Bond's female self, or female side.

    Rewatch the film again from with all their scenes together and really look you'll see they've filmed it symbolically to show us who she is when she comes into the movie. Eg, symmetry, doubles, pairings, twins of everything, all that happens when she's around. So - for instance she has two assasins (!), rooms full of mirrors (two of everything), pairs of trees, symmetrically placed objects in her house, two pairs of Bond/Lucia against the mirror (notice how her head and reflection of her head against mirror come together to make a love heart (a sign of pairing). Her name means 'light', and at the end Bond has contacted Leiter (a play on the word light).

    Simply put at the deep deep level this is who she represents in the movie, or rather there is no 'she' - simply all 'Bond'. A bit weird to get the head around but its pretty deep stuff. Doesn't detract from the surface storyline connections that are going on of course.

    Hope this 'makes sense' !
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