Would you like to see graphic violence in SPECTRE?



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    I'm surrounded.
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    I wanna see blofeld get his blody head chopped off
    Fan of ISIS are we?

    Well guess what? ISIL isnt the only organisation that cuts peoples heads off so I think it's pretty disengenuious for you to paint me as some sort of ISIL fan. They used to behead kings in ancient times too.
  • Depends. There was graphic violence in the novels from time to time, who can forget the skier from OHMSS, Mr. Big's demise, or the two men in straw hats from Casino Royale. That's just off the top of my head. The piranha's in YOLT were also in the novel.

    That said they can have very "graphic" and violent deaths in the films without being too graphic. The tone of realism in the Craig films help with that. In CR Carlos got blown to pieces and Gettler got his eye skewered, in QoS Elvis gets immolated, in SF Patrice is splattered on the pavement. All very violent and gory/"graphic" violence or death if you think about but done tastefully, some of it off screen but implied. Sometimes it gets a little boring to see a villain just shot or stabbed and there should be a little variety. I fully expect SPECTRE to have some graphic violence/death but all in keeping with Bond movie standards. Nothing wrong with a little guts.
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    I guess the head drilling scene counts?
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    Yes please, I actually want very realistic blood and gore.
    May I suggest "Saving Private Ryan"?
    Or some IS videos.

    Brutality for all the family...on You Tube.
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