The MI6 Snopes: Debunking/confirming Bond myths.

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This post has no other purpose than debunking or confirming some stories read on Bond-related material, from every kind of source.

For instance, these are some statements I read in a Spanish book and have never seen anywhere else:

- George Lazenby had friends in left-wing circles which were partially culprits of his leaving of the part of Bond (as a leftist myself, I find hard to pictura George as a raging anarchist. He was kinda hippie, though).
- Still talking about George, the book goes on ranting about how Saltzman and Broccoli boycotted Lazenby's promising career.
- The shooting of LALD was convulted: Yaphet Kotto tried to pose in all photos doing the Black Power salute, and this resulted in a division between the cast and crew.

These are the main ones I consider to be not entirely close to the truth. Do you have yours?


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