James Bond on Blu-ray/4K



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    Also, for what it’s worth, the Craig films are available on DolbyVision/HDR for Apple TV. This is not included with in Prime. I think only a few films actually have DV/HDR on that platform.
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    Made some pictures from ''Dutch'' steelbooks include LE of DR No.

    As Warner present days doing a lot more sadley Dutch is credit as second / starting in French (Exept LE who start in Dutch) and that ugley for all ages in French (Whyle movie's are for 12+), that mean you can find same releases in France too (Besides The Netherlands and Belgium), but information about extra's is French & English. My first thaught that there indeed using earlier BD's (Means English, Dutch, French, German subs minimal)

    Backside of DR No LE Steelbook https://i.ibb.co/bj4WH6H/IMG-20221106-125859.jpg

    Side of Dr No LE Steelbook https://i.ibb.co/SP6WFD0/IMG-20221106-130026.jpg

    Backside of DR No /Octopussy Steelbooks https://i.ibb.co/MZ4NwRy/IMG-20221106-130209.jpg

    Backside of TMWTGG / TSWLM Steelbooks https://i.ibb.co/Vt9TpPf/IMG-20221106-130119.jpg
    Back side of TMND / Twine Steelbooks https://i.ibb.co/Vxx62fQ/IMG-20221106-130143.jpg

    Paper is not extented to front with title and ranking logo as you mabey expect because of German release. Just a litle bit above with Bluray logo (also with LE) as some websites showing:

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    I would like it if they released a new copy of No Time To Die with all the deleted material they shot, like the Cuba Chase through the port, the extended chase in the Norwegian Forest and the additional scenes with Safin to finish off the 60th celebration. Why did they do this for Casino Royale and then abruptly stop giving us extended and deleted scenes?
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    There was supposed to be a collectors edition for QOS, which presumably would have had the deleted sections of the film. Forster even said he had recorded a commentary track for it. But then MGM went bankrupt and those plans just fell by the wayside.
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    I would be interested in Collectors editions for all the Craig films that include the additional scenes. Perhaps with Amazons financial stability they can do a re-release as we wait for Bond 26.
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    I'd love for those plans to be picked back up one day. I'd kill to listen to the commentary and see any and all deleted scenes from QOS.
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