James Bond on Blu-ray/4K



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    Also, for what it’s worth, the Craig films are available on DolbyVision/HDR for Apple TV. This is not included with in Prime. I think only a few films actually have DV/HDR on that platform.
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    Made some pictures from ''Dutch'' steelbooks include LE of DR No.

    As Warner present days doing a lot more sadley Dutch is credit as second / starting in French (Exept LE who start in Dutch) and that ugley for all ages in French (Whyle movie's are for 12+), that mean you can find same releases in France too (Besides The Netherlands and Belgium), but information about extra's is French & English. My first thaught that there indeed using earlier BD's (Means English, Dutch, French, German subs minimal)

    Backside of DR No LE Steelbook https://i.ibb.co/bj4WH6H/IMG-20221106-125859.jpg

    Side of Dr No LE Steelbook https://i.ibb.co/SP6WFD0/IMG-20221106-130026.jpg

    Backside of DR No /Octopussy Steelbooks https://i.ibb.co/MZ4NwRy/IMG-20221106-130209.jpg

    Backside of TMWTGG / TSWLM Steelbooks https://i.ibb.co/Vt9TpPf/IMG-20221106-130119.jpg
    Back side of TMND / Twine Steelbooks https://i.ibb.co/Vxx62fQ/IMG-20221106-130143.jpg

    Paper is not extented to front with title and ranking logo as you mabey expect because of German release. Just a litle bit above with Bluray logo (also with LE) as some websites showing:

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