Thoughts on John Logan: Co-writer of Bond23

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As part of EON's announcement back in January, it was officially stated the screenplay would be written by Bond veterans Purvis and Wade (TWINE, DAD, CR and QOS) and playwright John Logan. I've had mixed feelings about Mr. Logan based on his past contributions. On one hand he got his start as a stage playwright with plays focusing on historical accounts, so this could be a good pairing with director Sam Mendes, who also has a theatre background. His most recent work: the Broadway hit "Red", a cerebral bio-drama about abstract artist Mark Rothko, has received rave reviews.

Logan's film screenplay resume, however, seems a little shaky. His first major screenplay was "Any Given Sunday", directed by Oliver Stone. While it did have some good dramatic moments, the whole production seemed a bit overbloated. In fairness, this criticism should be aimed at Oliver Stone. His next screenplay contribution was for Gladiator, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award. It's not my favorite film by any means, but it did do a nice job of combining interpersonal drama with action: if done well suits a Bond film (CR for example). His other Oscar nominated film was the Martin Scorcese directed "The Aviator."

Logan's had a string of additional feature film credits: all pretty much a mixed bag: Star Trek: Nemesis, The Last Samurai, Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, and most recently Rango. He's had quite a diverse range of projects, so perhaps he brings a broad experience of writing to Bond. He's also worked with some of the biggest directors around...but still...I'm not completely excited about his attachment to the project. What are your thoughts on John Logan?


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    I think there is a good chance Logan will deliver a terrific script. The question is: how is the work devided between him and Purvis & Wade? Does Logen just do a polish? I don't think so, at least his comments back in March implied that he does more than a polish. (Anyway, the fact that he was chosen after Mendes gives me great hope, i think it's safe to say Mendes has even more controll over Bond 23 than Forster had over QOS.)
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    I have faith because for a start it's someone other than Haggis, so the script should feel somewhat different. Logan has got a very good resume so if he brings his experience to Bond 23 it should be a good film.

    I remain optimistic. As long as he has writen the script with a Purvis & Wade polish.
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    I think Logan is brought on board in the same way that Haggis (and briefly Morgan) was... Purvis and Wade provide the who, whats, wheres, and whys to the story - basically writing the rough... then Logan would probably flesh out the details, or removing certain things, maybe even adding a little bit....... There's a little more that goes into polishing a script, more than just being an over-glorified editor lol..

    i think it'll turn out okay.... like Samuel, i remain optimistic......... it at least wont be unfinished like the script for QOS.
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    it at least wont be unfinished like the script for QOS.
    I believe that had a finished script just not a polished enough one.
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    thats what i meant... lol..... they obviously had a script - but it was unfinished by Haggis
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    Star Trek: Nemesis = Stuard Baid direct this movie, so i am thnking Stuard Baid mabey return as editor For Bond 23. Logan have with this movie some experiece with another fans franchise.

    The Last Samurai. Whyle i haven't seen it, i hope it be his experimence of Asian chacters/location and teatcher element why there ask Logan. I hope Gladiator have the same effect. JBFan626 discripte it as historical.

    Gladiator also worried, but that is more to do who there going to ask as second united directer for the action scene. Not confirmd yet and i hope it isn't the one from CR and Gladiator and also not Dan Bradley.

    Any Given Sunday. Based on the trailer: For the politic/chat-dialgue for Judi Dench M and i also like a qoute from that trailer: A Hero wil rise. Imagine the coverment guy said to M what the chacter of Diaz said to Alpacino.
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    Good point @M_Balje about Star Trek: Nemesis. Logan has experience working on a "fan" franchise. So this could be a good sign. Though, I'm not a Trekkie so I don't know what fans thought of Nemesis. I know critically it was panned....

    Also, to your point @M_Balje, Logan's experience is pretty broad: he's done the Asian setting, ancient Rome and action, and sports/politics, so hopefully he can dip from all of these genres.

    All of these films definitely have a popcorn/blockbuster feel, so perhaps we're going to get a BIG theatrical style movie with B23. I have a feeling had Peter Morgan penned the script, the movie would have been subdued/interpersonal/cerebral at best and dry/low key/slow at worst.
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    I'm not a Trekkie so I don't know what fans thought of Nemesis. I know critically it was panned....
    In my opinion, Nemesis is very entertaining but not one of the great Trek films. I believe that it could have been a great Trek film for a number of reasons - but it is not....

    However, this was not the fault of John Logan. Director Baird and producer Berman decided to make a standard action film out of a Star Trek movie and proceeded to cut the living daylights out of the film; as a result, a lot of the best scenes in the film with strong thematic and character moments were left sitting on the editor's room floor (which, in addition to the lackluster U.S. Marshalls, is why I am vehemently opposed to the idea of Baird as a Bond director).

    Overall, I think Logan could do good work for the series.
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    It will be up to Mendes who he wants as his 2nd Unit Director and Editor... he's already nabbed Deakins as his DP, and he might have already gotten his editor locked down too.... decisions like that are 99% of the time made by the director, whoever is writing usually bares no factor in who is chosen for director or editor
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