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General Conduct
For everyone’s interest, we strive to create a growing, friendly community, based on the huge world of James Bond 007. We welcome all users from any walk of life to actively participate on our boards.

However, by doing so, you may not post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. If, for any reason, you fail to adhere to this, your admittance to the board maybe subject to short or long term access exclusions.

Our community has a strong moderation team, which will actively curb any rule violations. Likewise, should you see any material that you deem to be offensive or objectionable; you should feel confident in sending any of our team a Private Message or support ticket with your concerns.

You should not get involved in any heated arguments between members on our board. If there is a clear violation of this policy, you should avoid adding to the argument, and instead contact our team.

Posts that are deemed as ‘spam’ should also be avoided. These may include mass flooding of identical posts in a thread, or across several threads, posts that contain no active remarks that add to the topic discussion (such as one-word posts) or posts that, regardless of quality, are not related to the topic at hand.

You also should avoid posting any copyrighted material, whether textual or pictorial on our community. If you are unsure if any material is appropriate, feel free to contact the moderation team in advance of posting.

Private Message / Conversation system
The Conversations system allows users to send messages to and from each other. These messages can actively be monitored; therefore, all of the above rules still apply. This system is not a chat system, and should not be used for any lengthy discussion. Nor should you use the Conversations system to send mass messages to users. They are subject to periodical deletion without notification or warning, in part to ensure other elements of the community run smoothly at all times. Therefore, it is highly recommended that these are used only for trivial communications.

Profile and Wall
Like Discussions and Convocations, the profile Wall and its comments are subject to the same terms and conditions. These are publicly accessible, and will be held to the same high standards. You are responsible for your content on your own Wall as much as that which you post on others' profiles. Abusive content will not be tolerated.

Avatars / Icons / Uploading Images
With the ability to freely upload images to the avatar section of your profile comes the responsibility to behave sensibly. Abusive, vulgar and offensive messages in pictorial or textual form will be swiftly removed by the moderators. You should refrain from uploading images to which you do not own the copyright. Images that are the property of MGM/Danjaq (namely stills and screenshots from the James Bond films) are strictly forbidden.

Links & Promotion
If you wish to post any links to your website or community on MI6, please contact @MI6 for advertising permission in the first instance. Any unauthorised posts will be removed without prior notice.

Duplicate Accounts
You should not create a duplicate account(s) after previously registering on our boards. Our moderation team will actively look out for any such accounts. If – for whatever reason – you need to create a subsequent account (two users operating the same machine or working on the same network), you should open a support ticket, to seek further assistance beforehand.

Duplicate accounts cover those accounts used to bypass bans or suspensions. Using a second account to circumnavigate a ban or suspension may warrant denial of your IP address from reading and posting on the boards. We may enact such a ban at any point without warning.

This community system uses cookies to store information on your local computer. These cookies do not contain any of the information you have entered above; they serve only to improve your viewing pleasure.

Email Contact Information
The e-mail address is used only for confirming your registration details and password (and for sending new passwords should you forget your current one) and sending notifications of new posts and message per your own account settings. You can opt out of these messages at any time.

A flag feature allows you to bring a post to the attention of the Community moderators quickly and discretely. You should feel free use this when a post the breaks these terms is observed. Be advised, excessively or needlessly using the flag function is treated as is any other forms of SPAM.

At MI6 a 3 warning policy is run. After a 3rd offense of the terms and conditions, a user may be subject to a temporary exclusion or permanent ban at the administrator's discretion. Any duplicate accounts within the allotted time period, or any such attempt to bypass the account suspension will result permanent exclusion of a user's IP address. Moreover, we reserve the right to contact your Internet Service Provider.

In extreme cases, MI6 Community and/or its associates reserve the right to suspend any and all access and permissions to the community at any point for any reason or no reason at all.

Data and copyright
By submitting posts to MI6 Community and or its associates you are agreeing that MI6 Community and or its associates own the copyright to the information (unless a previous non copyright agreement has been made beforehand in writing), and that MI6 Community and or its associates have the right to publish or use that information in any way. MI6 Community retains the right to remove or maintain any data submitted at its discretion.

If you have any questions or queries relating to these conditions, please consult MI6 before proceeding to register. By clicking Register you agree to be bound by these conditions.
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