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  • Ha! Needs more double agents and scenes on aircraft carriers though.
  • It's Run Shoot Jump for me.
  • Yeah I found the school bully stuff rather embarrassing.
  • Edlitz hasn't mentioned so far that Gardner really liked the idea that you could spot people who are following you if their shoes look worn out, and I'm sure he always used to go on about shooting people by firing two shots at them. Reflsin2bourb…
  • 007HallY wrote: » I haven't read all that much Gardner though to be honest. Some of them sound a bit mad, but entertaining! I'm more clued up on Benson and the more recent novels (although been a while since I've read most of them). I haven…
  • 007HallY wrote: » I wouldn't want faithful adaptations of any of the continuation novels. SF I’d say is far more interesting and better plotted than any of them, and even QOS and NTTD are actually much more interesting story-wise than anything the…
  • 007HallY wrote: » echo wrote: » 007HallY wrote: » mtm wrote: » 007HallY wrote: » In Fleming he’s ultimately fated to being in the spy game (and arguably that’s likely due to the author passing before his character ultimately did). …
  • Funnily enough I’ve always thought there’s something Bondy about that Elvis hit Return To Sender. Is there a 007 twist in there?
    in Bond 26 Title Comment by mtm May 21
  • sandbagger1 wrote: » I must admit I read his comment in the same way as Crabkey. Peter is quite right in everything he said and what he took it to mean: the last Bond novel was written just over half past the last century and we’re a quarte…
  • I get what 007Hall is saying: it's not about class but more about Bond doesn't seem the university type- he would get out and see the world, join the Navy etc. rather than stay in education.
  • He got Kissy pregnant. I think it’s more of a contortion to say he wasn’t a father from that.
  • ColonelAdamski wrote: » delfloria wrote: » Didn't the Fleming Bond have a child with Kissy? No. She was pregnant, but we never knew if she gave birth, and Bond was ignorant of it anyway. Completely different to NTTD. Bond was ign…
  • 007HallY wrote: » In Fleming he’s ultimately fated to being in the spy game (and arguably that’s likely due to the author passing before his character ultimately did). Tend to agree that's where Fleming probably would have taken it eventual…
  • La Chimera sounds very interesting.
  • j_w_pepper wrote: » CrabKey wrote: » Haven we ever been given a reason why MI-6 keeps spending untold sums on rebuilding Bond's car? No, but then we have also never been given a reason why MI6 would spend a million or more for every nonse…
    in The DB5 Must Go Comment by mtm May 20
  • The character felt like the same character to me in that. Maybe a little more mellowed in places, but that seemed understandable and in a way more in tune with previous screen versions.
  • Folks did say that Twist And Shout would have been a potentially good choice, not just because of the Twist thing but because the Beatles didn't actually write that one, therefore they wouldn't have had to pay Apple Corps to use it. Not sure who own…
  • The BBFC only reclassify films if they've been resubmitted so they won't have changed anything for GF, looks like they were just using it as a test. Funnily enough I just watched today's Calvin Dyson video where he talks a little about GE and TND b…
  • Yeah I think the only duff performance he puts in is YOLT, and even then he's not actually bad, he's just not giving the extra 10% we're used to from him: he's still better than most movie leads in that film. I think he's great in DAF and NSNA- he c…
  • As last week's ep had a Beatles theme, Big Finish are releasing their 2014 drama Fanfare For the Common Men as a podcast. It has the Doctor and Nyssa visit 1963 to find that the Beatles have been replaced by another band and was pretty fun as I reme…
  • Didn’t the Moonraker 747 crash there too?
  • I love Roger in a sort ironic way sometimes, but also I think he genuinely was a very skilled screen presence: you just don't get that successful by being rubbish. I recently watched LALD and there's that whole long scene in Bond's room where he's a…
  • echo wrote: » mtm wrote: » I enjoy the guy dancing with the balloon. LOL. I just realized that Moore bookended his run by destroying wedding cakes. https://cultbox.co.uk/features/lists/times-james-bond-totally-ruined-someones-we…
  • I enjoy the guy dancing with the balloon.
  • echo wrote: » peter wrote: » delfloria wrote: » peter wrote: » DEKE_RIVERS wrote: » peter wrote: » DEKE_RIVERS wrote: » peter wrote: » DEKE_RIVERS wrote: » delfloria wrote: » These post are also a reminder of th…
  • Thought it was very good tonight. Not absolute top tier Moffat, but it does feel like the show is back properly, finally. Gatwa surprises me by making choices I don't expect, which is what I want in a Doctor. He's very very good in this ep.
  • Heh! It's okay, just joshing, but nice to know I've encouraged you to look again at the great man :D
  • peter wrote: » But not one Moore in my top ten. Nobody's right about everything I guess :P
  • QBranch wrote: » Good points, @DarthDimi. Except for that very last point. I didn't like that at all! mtm wrote: » It is indeed! I do like a Bond-on-the-bomb climax! :D So my memory of the ending of TB is hazy: if the bombs are safely under …
  • QBranch wrote: » mtm wrote: » QBranch wrote: » mtm wrote: » It's why I think Thunderball has a bit of a failure of a villain's plan: once they're removed from the Vulcan we don't see the bombs again, and they're offscreen threatening c…