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Favourite Fleming Novel
Casino Royale
Favourite Bond Film
Dr No
Favourite Bond Actor
Sean Connery


  • Thanks again guys! @mtm Thanks! I’m a big fan of your work. Actually, Nobody does it better :) Thanks for kind words. It means a lot for me. 🍸
    in Fan Art Comment by bartnikp February 25
  • @LucknFate Thanks for kind words :) No - not yet ;) I have been running a website and podcast about Bond in Poland for over 15 years, and 4 years ago I started trying to create alternative Bond movie posters. You can see them here: https://jamesbon…
    in Fan Art Comment by bartnikp February 24
  • Hi! here are some recent posters from me
    in Fan Art Comment by bartnikp February 23
  • @CharmianBond @mtm Thanks a lot <3 @CraigMooreOHMSS Thanks! :) This one I have also in polish version :) You can check all of them on a instagram account @jamesbond.com.pl and here: https://jamesbond.com.pl/my-alternative-posters-2/
    in Fan Art Comment by bartnikp March 2023
  • Hi! Here are some of my recent posters. Hope You like it
    in Fan Art Comment by bartnikp March 2023
  • @Thunderfinger omg. Thank You for sharing my posters and for a kind words! :) @GoldenGun ”David Hedison and Geoffrey Holder appearing in CR” OMG… Thanks for catch. What a shame! 🙈 I often copy the cast from another poster, and apparently that's wh…
  • Thunderfinger wrote: » @bartnikp , those are fantastic. Welcome here, looking forward to seeing more. CraigMooreOHMSS wrote: » @bartnikp, Nice one. Love that second one especially! mtm wrote: » Those are very cool; nice sort of m…
  • mtm wrote: » NickTwentyTwo wrote: » Lots of awesome submissions! Which one was yours @mtm? My pick for a winner would be the Saul Bass one- pretty eye-catching and looks uncannily like Craig considering how simple it is. @mtm can u…
  • Hi everyone. I'm new here. I just want to say that @mtm work is the best thing that has happened to Bond posters since D. Goozee. It's Masterpiece!!! I recently started to try to make a poster myself. Unfortunately, I don't have great artistic sk…