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  • My Top 10 1.Kerim Bey 2.Rene Mathis 3.Valentin Zukovsky 4. Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) 5. Sir Godfrey Tibbett 6. Vijay 7. Tiger Tanaka 8. Felix Leiter (David Hedison) 9. Milos Columbo 10. Quarrel
  • It's the greatest ever for me The best Bond performance Best girl Best Ally Best fight Best Plot I can watch it once every month and never get bored. A pure masterpiece from start to finish.
  • A top pick Bond for me. Favourite Brosnan by far and one I think will always make my top 5/6. Biggest things that draw me to it so much are: - Brosnan's performance, incredibly cool and also brilliantly dressed throughout. Example in Bilbao - …
  • QOS is up alongside FRWL and Dr No the best Bond films. Goldeneye is bottom 5 entry and the love I used to have for it I'm sure must have come largely from the game during my teens. OHMSS doesn't do it for me either, another in many peoples to…
  • Watched this last night and agree the action is very good along with Brosnan's coolest Bond showing, in particular his opening in Bilbao and in the casino. These 2 areas of the film make it easily my favourite Brosnan. A better ending and would put …
  • 3 stand out ones that get me all from QOS, probably why I love that film so much and i've finally put my finger on why. Bond and Camille in the Caves after plane crash Camille at the end in burning hotel, then joined by Bond Death of Mathis …
  • My first attempt at one of these on here: Not seen Skyfall since the cinema's but it has left a huge impression on me. Have resisted till release next week, cannot wait to see it again. 1. From Russia With Love 2. Quantom Of Solace 3. Dr. …
  • Always enjoy the door on Westminster Bridge Brosnan used in DAD to access the abandoned station whenever I walk down the southbank. Pretty much decided on visiting Shanghai very soon purely on the back of Skyfall.