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Favourite Fleming Novel
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The Spy Who Loved Me
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Roger Moore


  • mtm wrote: » 'Return To Secret Sender' would make a nice postal-based sequel to On Her Majesty's Secret Service :D I wonder if non-UK (or non Commonwealth perhaps) fans know the slight jokey origins of that title? I don't get the joke on…
  • If people would like to see a new direction, perhaps with a little bit more humour, I really can't see either Fukunaga, Nolan or Villeneuve as directors, at least for the next movie. The tone and style would be way too similar to the latest movies. …
  • It's surprisingly difficult to find a fitting Bond movie title. At least, it's a bit easier to find decent one-word titles, compared to longer ones. Unfortunately, a lot of interesting titles have already been chosen for other movies. For example…
  • Some more titles from TV series episodes: "Doom With a View" "Powder Keg" "Crossfire" "Danger Zone" "The Seventh Grave" "Counterpoint" "Shadow of a Man"
  • Since NTTD already had a title that was used in a TV series before ("Columbo"), I thought maybe it's not a bad idea to look at other episode-titles of TV series for a potential Bond movie title. Some titles of episodes I thought sound decent: …
  • Nolan and Villeneuve have a pitch for the Bond reboot? I thought they were working on other projects right now? Personally I hope neither will work on the next Bond movie. It would be way too similar to the latest movies. Edgar Wright is an intere…
  • I really don't think we need a Craig 2.0. We've seen a harder and more emotional take on the Bond character since 15 years now - it's getting a bit boring at this point (in my opinion). It's time to bring some classic elements back - without going …
  • Maybe Gong Li? Good actress, I think she could play an interesting villain.
  • Clip with Madden in "Eternals": sandbagger1 wrote: » But I also agree with P2D about him lacking charisma on screen. He's an example of an actor who is much more charismatic whilst giving interviews than he is when playing characters on scr…
  • 1. LTK 2. OHMSS 3. AVTAK 4. DAF 5. NTTD 6. DAD
  • Positive: 22 Negative: 2 To be honest, I was disappointed with the movie. Bad ending, too much drama. I'm getting tired with the direction they are going lately and miss the lighter tone of earlier movies.
  • Another suggestion: Kevin Corrigan. It's a relatively unknown actor but I think he would have the potential for a great Bond villain. He was awesome in both "Community" and "The Mentalist".
  • Some suggestions: Drew Goddard ("Bad Times at the El Royale") David Mackenzie ("Hell or High Water") Gavin Hood ("Eye in the Sky") Since I would prefer a more humorous tone for the next film(s), I would like to see a Bond movie directed by T…
  • Speaking of Rege-Jean Page: Found a guy named Jonathan Bailey on the cast list of "Bridgerton". Has anyone seen him in the show or any other movie/series?
  • Anyone here who likes SpongeBob? Seasons 5 episode "Spy Buddies" is a very funny parody of James Bond and Mission: Impossible.
  • Thunderfinger wrote: » I watched this last night, and even gave a vote to Switzerland. I like that song too. I guess he could make a decent Bond song with that voice?
  • Hello everyone, new here:) For some time I think Nicholas Hoult could be an interesting choice and I'm happy to see I'm not the only one with the idea. The interesting thing about him is it's hard to imagine how he would play the role since he is…