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  • Not an interview but Fleming writing about Goldeneye in 1958: https://www.houseandgarden.co.uk/article/from-the-archive-ian-fleming-on-his-jamaican-villa-1958
  • Rupert Friend pitches himself for Bond -- says he turned down the role before: https://variety.com/2023/film/news/asteroid-citys-rupert-friend-1235619234/
  • Revelator wrote: » ... My avatar! I'd like to more about this image--who was the photographer? Is there more from this photoshoot? Apparently, the photographer was Howell Conant.
  • 007ClassicBondFan wrote: » Didn’t De Keyser have a small role in Diamonds are Forever as one of those Plastic Surgeons in the pre title sequence?
  • Should probably have been called Harry Palmer Meets -- (Spoiler)
  • DoubleOhDalton wrote: » Perhaps Craig’s age has impacted his skills? Yes, 52 is ancient.
  • Birdleson wrote: » Next time I see it (my second rental has expired) I will focus on the exact quote and time stamp so we can at least be sure we are all talking about the same thing. There is a part (maybe only a line from Bond) that seems to …
  • Red_Snow wrote: » antovolk wrote: » Aaaand here are our confirmed bonus features on the Blu-ray/DVD: https://www.spio-fsk.de/asp/fskkarte.asp?vvid=130835 A Global Journey 007:29 Anatomy of a Scene: Matera 011:02 Designing Bond 010:35 …
  • Matt007 wrote: » ... EoN will have to sell up to cut their losses and the franchise will have a new owner come end of 2021 What losses? EON get paid to make these movies, they don't pay for them.
  • mtm wrote: » Must admit I’ve not heard of the International Journal of James Bond Studies before. Definitely bookmark-worthy: https://jamesbondstudies.ac.uk/
  • TR007 wrote: » @DaltonCraig007 The latest episode of the MI6 HQ podcast James Bond and friends is worth a listen to. They also confirmed that it wasn’t live. But are they really in a position to confirm anything? Where does their info come …
  • Chris Pine as the Saint in: https://variety.com/2020/film/news/chris-pine-the-saint-reboot-paramount-1234585628/
  • RogerJonMoorePertwee wrote: » They can just release the movie on streaming now and I'll be happy. Don't really care about seeing it at the cinemas now. Just as long as I get to see it. I seriously doubt it will be released in November and I'd b…
  • Minion wrote: » You can at least count on the next edition of Some Kind of Hero to cover it. If the Making-of book were true reportage or a work of film history (and not a piece of puffery, which I'm afraid it probably will be), it would in…
  • JamesCraig wrote: » Again I ask thee: is cloning "dangerous technology that the world has never seen"? I'm reading Some Kind of Hero at the moment. Apparently one of Wade and Purvis's plot ideas for TWINE was "a genetically targeted vir…
  • Fassbender and Lionsgate plan to launch a spy film franchise based on Gérard de Villiers' Malko books: https://variety.com/2019/film/news/michael-fassbender-malko-lionsgate-1203246398/