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You Only Live Twice
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On Her Majestys Secret Service
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Sean Connery


  • You think the LIVE AND LET DIE boat chase is great? Well, read the original LIVE AND LET DIE script. The chase is even better in the script. That boat chase had some really wild (and funny) things in it that didn't make the final film.
  • Thunderfinger wrote: » FOR YOUR EYES ONLY was my first Bond in the theatre. That's an odd one to be the first. FYEO lacks all the things that make a Bond film a Bond film: insanely bizarre villain, outrageous Bond maneuvers to save the day, m…
  • 4EverBonded wrote: » This I did not know ... Ernie Ranglin ~ I'll say it: Eric Clapton was to be on the soundtrack to LICENCE TO KILL. Had he been on it, Clapton would have been the second best guitarist involved in a Bond film. If there…
  • It's the best Bond movie to show to someone who has never seen a Bond film. It has all that made Bond films fantastic two hour entertainments: - John Barry score, - Ken Adam design, - the real M, Q, and Moneypenny, - astonishing pre-title s…
  • Risico007 wrote: » Honestly never got the appeal of Gardner That may have something to do with when you were born. Not counting the one-off "Colonel Sun," Gardner books were the first official continuation of Ian Fleming. It had been a lo…
  • Univex wrote: » A child has no place in a Bond film, Ah, then we would never have had that fantastic little kid in MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. "You are very handsome man, forty baht."
  • ToTheRight wrote: » I'd love to see JAMES BOND WILL RETURN IN BROKENCLAW. Gardner did have some fine titles. I would have been super excited had I seen this: The End Of SPECTRE Jame Bond Will Return in NOBODY LIVES FOREVER
  • Univex wrote: » But...I do hope they'll have a press conference and decide to do it the old fashioned way. Press conference "the old fashioned way"? The old fashioned way was this: Sadly those days are long gone. A fun aspect o…
  • Easy to do. THE BEST -- anything by Binder NOT BAD -- anything by Brownjohn THE HORRENDOUS -- anything by Klienman
  • mattjoes wrote: » McQueen is the first one, Craig is the second one. Wrong. It was a trick question...they're both Steve McQueen.
  • He's not a James Bond. Impossible to watch his films as Bond films. He's a John McClane. An unsophisticated, crude cop. or He's Steve McQueen. One million dollars to anybody who can tell which is McQueen and which is Craig:
  • QBranch wrote: » Yes, it is indeed a YOLT prop. The metallic box with white spiral cords, is Bond's safe cracker, which he used to steal Osato's documents. Ah, that's it. Yes. Thanks. The five items Bond kept in his desk: 1. Honey…
  • What was the fifth item in Bond's desk drawer in OHMSS? When Bond retires in OHMSS, he cleans out his desk. They are just props from previous films. We are clearly shown three of them: 1. Honey's knife from DR. NO 2. Grant's wrist watch from …
  • I have a number of the early (Connery/Moore) scripts. I used to buy them at a movie memorabilia store in NY back in the '70s. Some scripts were impossible to get even back then; but if those could not be obtained, the guy at the movie memorabilia s…
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