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  • No problems here in the UK. Are you having difficulties with any other websites? It's possible there's trouble with the connection between your ISP and our server.
  • Sorry - I meant that they changed the projection in all "screens", not the screen itself.
  • The only good thing about 3D is that it seems to be driving cinemas towards digital projection. My local cinema has replaced all their screens with digital and the picture quality is excellent - much more immersive than wearing cheap glasses that ki…
  • Quoting DaltonCraig007: I see many members have MGM material in their avatars, so i take it that the copyright issue has been resolved. This is not the case. We are in the process of moderating all copyright material in avatars.
  • Quoting retrokitty: Is Marketto a mod now? I didn't see his name on the list but he's go the MI6 avatar.... No - it is his own creation and I have asked him to change it.
  • Quoting MrBrown: Does it have to do with fair use? I notice that MGM is credited with a watermark at the bottom of each photo, too. If you do this, are you in the clear? No - permission is still needed from the copyright holders. Regarding the MI…
  • @danslittlefinger It provides a direct link to the specific area of the page where the post is located.
  • I believe that another post may have been accidentally merged from a removed thread, before the mentioned thread was deleted. As nick says, the intention was to remove the post but there are still a few teething problems with the software.
  • @Moore Respect is a two-way street. Unfortunately, a large number of the 'long time members' have declared that they are leaving without respecting that the decisions have been difficult and not made without understanding the consequences. The comme…
  • @DarthBork Yes, that's the intention. All suggestions are welcome - there is a thread for this in one of the other categories.
  • @retrokitty Sorry - I forgot that Facebook copyrighted against the use of the colour blue on all other websites.
  • @CIS I did not say there weren't similarities - I assumed DarkBork's question was related to the technology running on the server. Unfortunately due to the circumstances described elsewhere, it was not possible to update many of the placeholder imag…
  • @DarthBork No, it's completely different technology.
  • @The_GIT A hardcore choice! Nice to hear there are still fans of the role-playing stuff out there.