More funding for the McCann investigation

I know it's a very emotive case but, it's also a fascinating one with so many different ellements to the case. Will we ever find out the truth?


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    What annoys me about this is why are they getting special treatment over all the other missing youngsters that are out there ?

    Don't they count ?

    Personally i'm fed up with the whole thing,i'm past caring.

    Plus I still think the parents are involved somehow,dont like the look of them.
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    It is just fact that they are receiving special treatment. But the interesting question is why? It is very strange.
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    Indeed. One only has to delve into the Twitterland conspiracy theories for some mind boggling argument.
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    I find it quite disturbing that the government is happy to throw good money after bad on this which has practically zero chance of yielding any other result than 'we've no idea where she is' or 'she's dead in a ditch' but can't find a paltry 40k to give an oncology nurse a fighting chance:

    Or perhaps just distribute resources evenly around the country rather than the Scots and the McCanns being given the lion's share:

    Like Grenfell I find the whole soap opera rather nauseating. If you lived in Grenfell the government bends over backwards to sort you out cos your tragedy was on the telly innit but if you're Joe Bloggs who lost everything when your house randomly burned down in Doncaster last week then you'd best check your insurance is up to scratch because no sod in government cares.
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    I can understand looking for closure, but they never threw this amount of money at the conspiracy theories of the death of Lady Diana.

    Somewhat odd in my humble opinion.
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