Martini - how do you take yours



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    Cheers, @Thrasos, I just happen to be enjoying one right now too!
    Mines Stoli, with hand stuffed blue cheese olives!
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    Ha ha! Alright. Cheers old man. Stoli...maybe I'll grab myself a bottle at the store next time and mix it up.
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    Darius wrote: »
    I like martinis to be "dirty" and have a distinct citrus tang, hence...

    2 measures Idol vodka
    1 measure Williams Chase gin
    1/2 measure Dolin vermouth
    5 ice cubes

    Shake ingredients and strain into glass garnished with a twist of lemon.

    If you don't mind my asking, in what part of the world do you live? Here in Texas I have never seen the brands you mention.

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    RC7 wrote: »
    I regularly enjoy martinis made with both gin or vodka. I prefer Polish vodka (Sobieski, Wyborowa and Luksusova are faves) and a fairly small pour of Noilly Prat, shaken vigorously in a cocktail shaker and decanted into a frosty martini glass, along with lemon peel. The key to a great vodka martini is first, a high quality vodka, and second, that it be as cold as possible. That is why shaking is necessary--agitation produces a colder drink.

    These days I'm using Bell Ringer gin for my gin martinis, but on the rare occasion I spy Magellan gin, I will usually opt for it. Same ratio of gin-to-vermouth as with the vodka martini, but instead of shaking, it must be stirred. Agitation doesn't bruise the alcohol, but it does alter the botanicals in the gin, which can result in some funky flavors. And as with the vodka martini, a couple of strips of lemon peel to finish.

    The catalyst for me to head to my drinks cabinet.

    Vashe zdorovie.

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    Thrasos wrote: »
    I'm enjoying one now...gin-vermouth martini, shaken not stirred. I don't get the satisfaction of the vodka martini that I do with gin. In one sense, I understand--vodka has balls...I like packs a punch and goes down smooth. But I love the flavor of gin and find the combination--alchemy--of the gin and vermouth magical, a made-for-each-other marriage. Then again, Bond said he has a bachelor's taste for freedom.

    My huge bottle of Beefeater London Dry Gin is almost empty, and while I've long favored Beefeater, I'll probably read up on whether there might be a better gin out there, though it's partly subjective--any recommendations? And I highly recommend Gera Premium Vodka...don't know if anyone else here has it.

    Okay, I need a refill.

    Bell Ringer and Magellan are both excellent.
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    Martini tastes awful. A drink for old women.
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    a bottle of Buckfast for me thanks :D
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    How do I take my Martini ? a glass.
  • Lately I’ve started to favor my martinis with gin instead of vodka.
    A splash of good vermouth shaken over ice and some bitters to finish it off! Cheers!
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    I like mine Noel Coward style: fill a glass with gin and wave it in the general direction of Italy.
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    I've never had one.
  • I've never had one.

    Well, what ya' waitin' on, boy? Get up and shake a leg.
  • Everyone on this forum should try one at least once, just for the Bond experience
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    Prefer gin martini to vodka martini - I once went to a hotel bar where I had to explain what a martini is!
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