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I just finished watching "DIE ANOTHER DAY". It's not a bad film. The only aspects of it that I dislike are Michael Masden's performance, some of the dialogue written by the screenwriters, the Iceland setting, Moneypenny's embarrassing infatuation of Bond and that damn invisible car.

It's odd that so many are critical of the Jinx Johnson character for getting caught. The ironic thing is that she got caught due to Bond's actions. He had alerted Graves' men that someone was snooping around the complex and Jinx ended up getting caught because of Bond's clumsiness. She got caught the second time, because Bond told her to rendevous with Miranda Frost, whom he did not know was a traitor. And yet the fans accused her of being incompetent. I guess poor Jinx simply had the bad luck to possess the wrong skin color and utter the words, "Your mama!".

As for Miranda Frost . . . I was not that impressed by her. She managed to catch Jinx, while the latter was flying that plane. And instead of loping off Jinx's head with her sword and put the plane on autopilot, Miranda decided she was going to take on Jinx - and ended up getting her butt skewered and dead. Idiot.
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