The Black 007 meets Sir Roger Moore on The Graham Norton Show



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    That was a fun video! I wish I had the opportunity to meet Sir Roger Moore. Thank you for posting that video.
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    That was great.
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    @Theblack007, job well done!

    Blimey, you look like Mike Tyson! You should play him in a biopic ;-).
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    actonsteve wrote:
    Incidently, I was raised in Benfleet near Wickford.

    I live in Benfleet funnily enough.

  • Hi Steve, remember me, I was on that show with you and I have only JUST found this clip. I contacted the BBC for a (DVD) copy of the programme and they wanted £108 (Yes £108) for it!!!!!!! No way was I paying that!1 Hope your well and I'm a bit jealous you met Daniel Craig! LOL!!
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    Very nice to meet yet another person on the programme. Welcome @markyb64! Do you have your A View To A Kill (or Moonraker) poster displayed too? What was it like, meeting Sir Roger Moore, everything you'd hoped for?
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