The GOOD things in 007 Legends

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Okay, before you shoot me, hear me out. I understand that this is a bad game, but I'd be a liar if I said I didn't like a single bit of it. I enjoyed the music from the movies in the game, e.g the Goldfinger theme and On Her Majesty's Secret Service. I also enjoyed the skiing scene, and especially blasting away the bad guys with a ppk. Are there any moments YOU enjoyed in this game?


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    I really enjoyed the music, The modernization's of classic Bond movies, The fact you can fight in Space during the Moonraker mission. Even bad games have there good parts.
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    Well it's very playable. I constantly play multiplayer on Xbox Live. And I've played the main campaign about 3 times. So yeah, I would play it when ever I'm bored. Which as a matter of fact happens a lot. :-?
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    Hmmm, a good thing about the game? Does turning it off count? No but seriously it was by far in the top three worst Bond games ever made. The only thing I can think of that I really enjoyed about it was the OHMSS level, the rest was pretty dull.
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    There is very little that is good about this game. I did like the music as you guys previously stated. Other than that I cant think of anything single player or multiplayer that I enjoyed. Multiplayer was so slow and laggy to even get past that aspect to enjoy anything. Single player was meh all the way around and even terrible at times, especially the driving sections.
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    TheBondFan wrote:
    Okay, before you shoot me, hear me out.

    Having difficulty resisting urge...

    Though I've never played the game, I can say that I give them a lot of credit for trying to modernize the earlier films. Just because it didn't go well doesn't mean that it's not an incredibly ballsy move to try.
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    Out of the entire Game, I think Moonraker was the best adaptation. While yes it still took place in Space, It felt more realistic. M says that Drax was stealing technology for his Space Tourism program. So Instead of Drax being a Space technology developer, he's more of an Evil Richard Branson still bent on killing off earth's population with gas.
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