switch the bond actors (not just 007) to different films



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    BAIN123 wrote:
    Dalton in Goldeneye- You can tell the movie was written with Dalton in mind. I just think he deserved more than 2 films.

    I've got mixed feelings about Dalton in GE. I know it was written with him in mind and I know its not Brosnan's strongest performance but I think, had Dalton been in GE, we wouldn't have had Sean (Dalton is about 10 years older than Bean and they are meant to be round about the same age), Isabella and even Frankie - all of whom are great IMO.

    Plus I LOVE the archive shoot-out/tank chase, neither of which I can see being included with Dalton.

    I do agree Dalton deserved a third film though.

    I highly doubt it would've been cast the same had Dalton starred. And Dalton's actually closer to about 15 years older than Bean.

    Dalton was born in 1946 and Bean 1959 according to Wikipedia so yeah a 13 year difference.

    Other sources state Dalton was born in 1944. Given that he himself said he would've been 25 for OHMSS I belive 1944 is the actual year.
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    MR's Moore in Full Monty
    GE's Brosnan in In The Loop
    LTK's Dalton in Taken
    FRWL's Connery in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy
    QOS's Craig in Killer Elite
    OHMSS's Lazenby in Love, Actually
    DN's Connery in Luther
    AVTAK's Moore in Downton Abbey
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    LTK's Dalton in Taken

    It would have been far better.
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    I wish Lazenby had been smarter and we would have had another decade of good Bond films. Would have been great to have had him in LLD and SWLM.

  • Dalton in the Blofeld trilogy, with YOLT and DAF being adjusted for his style of Bond of course. Lazenby would havbeen perfect for MWTGG, just for the Kung Fu alone.
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    Moore in YOLT and DAF
    Dalton or Craig in TWINE
    And possibly Connery in CR (1966)
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    Moore in Goldfinger

    Lazenby in Diamonds

    Lazenby in You Only Live Twice

    Dalton in Octopussy/ View to a Kill

    Craig in Die Another Day

    I feel content to leave everything else as it is it seems
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    Connery in Moonraker
    Lazenby in Diamonds are Forever
    Moore in Die Another Day
    Dalton in Casino Royale
    Brosnan in OHMSS
    Craig in From Russia With Love.
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    I was reading the above response all wrong, as I forgot this is about where you would place the Bond actors in other releases, regardless of age, just simply switch them around as they were for each film, i.e. I had an image of a 49 year old Connery in Moonraker, or even Craig appearing in a Bond release, before his year of birth! Remember now, it's simply move them around as they were, not necessarily with focus on year of releases if you understand. Too late in the day for me in my defense

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    Timothy Dalton in Moonraker- it sounds crazy, but given the fact that MR had its share of very serious moments, like the death of Corrine, I think it could have been even better had they saved this one for Dalton's era. Plus, I think he would have gone up well against Michael Lonsdale's Hugo Drax.

    George Lazenby in You Only Live Twice- Connery was tired and beaten as it was by 1967, and he shouldn't have done YOLT given his disappointing performance. This would have made a good introduction for Lazenby considering its a lot of action, which would have played to his strengths and kept him away from attempting any serious acting, except maybe the death of Aki. Still though, had he done YOLT, maybe he would have been better prepared for the role of Bond for OHMSS where it really counted for the serious scenes.

    Pierce Brosnan in Casino Royale- I'll get killed for this, but I can see it! It might have been incredible!

    Roger Moore in Diamonds Are Forever- not only does the movie itself fit his style completely, but it would have saved us from an out-of-shape and graying Connery, who wasn't totally convincing in the role by 1971 like Moore would have been, and Moore was older in '71, so that says something! I would love to see him go up against Charles Gray's Blofeld and Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd.
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    In bizarro Bond world:

    Moore in QoS.
    Dalton in MR.
    Lazenby in GE.
    Connery in DAD.
    Craig in OP.
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    Moore in LTK, QOS

    Dalton in MR, DAF, DAD

    Craig in AVTAK (still including Grace Jones bed scene)

    Brosnan in OHMSS

    Lazenby in Remington Steele.
  • Dalton in Goldfinger, From Russia with Love, and Casino Royale.
    Connery in The Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only.
    Moore in Diamonds are Forever.
    Lazenby in Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun.
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    Definitely Connery in OHMSS. Great as Connery was, his Bond never got pushed into dramatic territory like that. He'd either have been brilliant, or it might even have shown up the limitations in his version of the character (for some reason I have a hard time imaging his Bond falling in love). Either way, it would be fascinating (as long as we still had the Lazenby version to compare it to), and I'd love to see how he'd have played the scenes where he's under cover as Sir Hilary Bray!
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    Daniel Craig in The Man with the Golden Gun- someone on the forum had mentioned wanting to see TMWTGG re-made with Craig as 007, and although I do not want a re-make of any Bond movie, I do think this might have been a neat idea. It'd be interesting to see Craig's Bond go up against Christopher Lee's Francisco Scaramanga, and take on the more serious scenes of TMWTGG, like the interrogations of Lazar and Andrea, and the dinner scene with Scaramanga. I'd also love to see how Craig's Bond would out-smart Scaramanga during the fun house hunt.

    Sean Connery in Die Another Day- Just think about it. How hilarious to see Connery and Gustav Graves fencing in the club!
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    1.Pierce Bronsan in The Living Daylights
    2.Sir Timothy Dalton in For Your Eyes Only
    3.Daniel Craig in License to Kill
    4.George Lazenby in Diamonds Are Forever
    5.Sean Connery in Tomorrow Never Dies
    6.Sir Roger Moore in Dr. No
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    Daniel Craig in DN, FRWL and OHMSS
    Dalton in CR and QoS
    Connery in Skyfall
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    I'm sure many have considered what it would have been like if Sean Connery didn't take his hiatus and stuck around for OHMSS instead of Lazenby. Lazenby was a model with little (if any) actual acting experience, and is actually dubbed for a good chunk of the movie. I doubt any voice would come out of Connery's voice but his own, undercover or not. And instead of seeing an Aussie model in a kilt, Connery would either have talked the producers out of it, or looked at the camera with his best "I'm Scottish. I'm wearing a kilt. What are you gonna do about it?" look.


    Lazenby's Bond also, I thought, seemed to just be going with the flow of everything around him. Connery would have seemed more in control of the situation, would actually seem like he was making progress with the mission during that long, dull stretch at Piz Gloria in the center of the movie. And when Tracy died in his arms, instead of just looking pitiful, he'd have that caged animal expression that won him the 007 role and that would say "Blofeld's going to get hell for this!"

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    Going by my past post I'd add Craig in Licence To Kill to Connery in For Your Eyes Only. Both would be great and films I'd love to see.
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    Moore in DAF
    Craig in OHMSS
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    Lazenby in YOLT
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    Can this be for other than Bond? I don't want to have 2 threads; can we please combine them? If so, I will have my other thread closed. Can we open it to other Bond characters, please? As a replacement, or a switch ... Because that's what I wanted to do ...

    I was just thinking. Many have made comments such as ... If only Paris in TND had been played by Monica Belucci! True there are plenty of characters I think we would like to have given to a different actor/actress. But Monica has not ever been in a Bond film (much to my chagrin). Switching or replacing actors/actresses who have only appeared in Bond films is more difficult than just suggesting any actor or actress. It's rather tricky.

    I would do the following:

    Paris in TND - Hatcher out/ Luciana Paluzzi in (Fiona from TB becomes not a villain, but a sizzling ex-girlfriend)

    Christmas in TWINE- Richards out/Carey Lowell in (Carey would be credible and kick ass, even if she still had the same stupid dialog it would be a big improvement)

    Stromberg in TSWLM- Jurgens out/ Savalas in (Jurgens wasn't that bad, but Savalas was meaner, stronger, and could ooze more evil)

    Blofeld in DAF - Gray out/Pleasance in (this won't be popular except with me, I think)

    Bambi and Thumper in DAF - Lola Larson and Trina Parks out/ Grace Jones and Denise Richards in (the fun of having Bond shove them underwater and they come up sputtering and beaten!)

    NOTE: Thelivingroyale was kind enough to change this thread title and allow us to do other characters than Bond. Thanks!

    So my suggestion is switch or replace ... I think we can have fun with these. And I will get to Jinx soon ...
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    George Lazenby in The Man with the Golden Gun- an interesting thought! I'd like to see how George fit up against Christopher Lee's Scaramanga; also, the scene at the ninja school would have even better fisticuff action- Roger's is already great in that scene, but given that Lazenby's strong suit was fighting, I'd love to see this scene with him in it.

    Timothy Dalton in Moonraker- anyone else see it? I think it would be a great fit for him, granted that the movie was played more straightforward and less for laughs and camp, over-the-top thrills; I think he would fit well up against Lonsdale's Drax, given that they both have very reserved and more relaxed personalities.

    Pierce Brosnan in Casino Royale- given that Brosnan would have been handed the kind of script he always wanted with such a Bond movie, I think he would have nailed the movie dead on. Of course, he always nails the role, even in DAD, because he is the best, but the possibilities of him in CR are glorious to think on!

    Pierce Brosnan in SkyFall- when considering the fact that Brosnan's 007 was the first to encounter Judi Dench's M (especially before all the "trust" stuff from CR and QoS), I'd love to see how Brosnan would have handled the scene of M's death; also, I could see him going up well against Bardem's Silva, for some reason!

    Daniel Craig in Octopussy- permitting that all of the more goofy elements were removed, like the Tiger "sit", the Tarzan yell, and the taxi chase, I think Dan would do really well with the hard-edged, Cold War plot- I'd very much like to see his interactions with Kamal Khan and General Orlov!
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    Yes I can see some of those, @00Beast, especially Lazenby in TMWTGG.

    I was also thinking of:

    Jinx played by Michelle Yeoh

    Renard played by Robert Davi (give it a moment, try to picture him with Elektra and also with Bond ...)

    Fiona Fullerton and Tanya Roberts simply switching their roles - that definitely would have helped AVTAK!

    Timothy Dalton in DAF (since I can make the actors be any age in this fantasy game)

    Halle Berry as Naomi in TSWLM (just to see her get blown up in the helicopter, if nothing else)

  • 002002
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    Pierce Brosnan in Skyfall defintely considering that the movie is more appopriate for his Bond

    with the final scenes especially
  • 002002
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    Bruce Campbell as Jack Wade in Goldeneye and Tommorow Never Dies
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    Oh, I like Bruce Campbell! Let's see, where would I put him in a Bond film ...?
    Maybe as Gustav Graves in DAD. ;) But I can picture him in TND, yes.
  • Roger Moore in Licence to Kill. That would be a sight.
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    Connery in OHMSS
    Dalton in AVTAK
    Moore in DAF
    Craig in any of them
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    007Skyfall wrote:
    Moore in DAF
    Craig in OHMSS

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