Lets try: who is Bond's most annoying ally?



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    Corinne Dufour- unattractive and a poor body. They couldn't have got a better French actress? A case of sleeping with someone to get info. I would have gnawed my arm off at the shoulder to avoid waking the beast. Dolly adds to the gag factor of the women in this movie, Emily Bolton the only saving grace.

    Samantha Bond as Moneypenny- yes, I said it! I'll take Caroline Bliss any day, Bond's acting and lines all but destroyed the legacy left by Lois Maxwell. Only place they can go is up with whoever replaces her.

    Until his second year of marriage to Denise, Charlie Sheen never looked up until those fateful two minutes when he was legally sober. The marriage went downhill after that.

    I'll concede Ruby's glasses did nothing to enhance her looks, but she was rather charming in a light hearted way.

    Agree with you overall except for the Dufour synopsis. You sir, have grossly misjudged a classic Bond beauty.

    If we could go back in time and have our way, you could have Clery, I'll settle for a threesome with Lois and Emily :p
    I accept your offer. Ms. Clery had the sexiest voice of all the Bond girls.
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    "who is Bond's most annoying ally?"


    (only kidding... that would be Christmas Jones and Jinx, or can't you be an ally and a Bond Girl? in which case I might go for Rowan Atkinson, or should I not pick a non-EON film character? ah, I have it, Sheriff JW Pepper!)
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    that good for nothing terrible ice skater blonde american the most annoying character of all time!!!!!!!!
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    That would be Bibi baby. Yes. Most annoying!
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    I don't know how old Bibi Dahl was supposed to be in FYEO but Lynn Holly Johnson was about 24 when she played the part, certainly above board and legal etc, I found her quite appealing and cute actually

    Can't understand why people knock Ekland in Golden Gun, sure she appears scatter brained at times but does show some efficiency even sophistication at times

    Fully acknowledge that Berry, Richards and Roberts were a collective mess and stain on the Bond franchise, the Jinx character makes me punch holes in the nearest wall, really gets my back up sometimes, and it's a pity because Halle is a talented actress but was a real let down here, never been able to warm to the Christmas Jones character either, as nauseating and mundane as Sutton give or take

    Corrine was probably the most attractive woman in MR, far more appealling than the wooden Goodhead, and the Dolly/Jaws love interest wasn't necessary, but I didn't find the character that much of an irritation

    Sam Bond was fine for the most part, lets face it, no-one will ever fill Lois Maxwells shoes in the Moneypenny role, but did question Bond (Mpenny), rolling about on the floor with clothing half done wearing the Q virtual reality specs near the end of TWINE
    Sam Bond and the glasses was from DAD not TWINE (sorry to correct you but we're still buddies? :)

    Agree with you about Berry. Richards and Roberts. All good to look at but very annoying...especially Richards....

    the actress playing corinne should have played Goodhead. Maybe I would have gotten into her more because goodhead was zzzzzzzzzzzz boring.
  • Kara MIlovy - If she wasn't that beautiful and innocent Dalton would have strangled her head off.

    Mary Goodnight also gets a honorable mention.
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    Maybe I would have gotten into her more
    You wish! :P

    Since TND, I've almost always - safe for CR - been annoyed by at least one of the ladies:

    Paris Carver
    X-mas Jones

    I trust SF will release me from this curse.
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    Bibi in For Your Eyes Only, played by Lynn-Holly Johnson.

    Most annoying character ever. Well, her an Plenty O'Toole (Diamonds Are Forever).
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    I've always hated Tanner too.

    For me, it came from playing the Quantum of Solace game. He would tell you to do everything, like
    "Bond run up that crane"
    "Bond shoot him"
    "Bond jump the fence"
    "Bond reload your gun"
    "Bond go through the only door in the room"
    "Bond undo your pants and take a wee"

    I hate Tanner.
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    I don't even consider Die Another Day a Bond movie. It's got no redeeming qualities. Let's just put that behind us and move on.
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    Please use the edit button in the future. Double, triple, ... posts within so little time is not appreciated!
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    Jinx is a horrifying character. When I was younger I found to be extremely sexy... But when the film arrived to the love scene with Brosnan... her Vampireness really freaked me out... I didn't know if I had to continue being in love with her or be repulsed by her... And yes her scenes are a real chore to watch... She is very annoying, horrible lines and horrible deliveries... I want to slap her whenever I see her...
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    Most annoying but sexy, a tie between Stacey Sutton and Denise Richards (Nuclear Physicist-yeah right!)

    Most outright annoying , a tie between Luigi( the bloke in For Your Eyes only who looks and sounds like Inspector Clouseau even though he's Italian), Sheriff JW Pepper and Tiffany Case. (disposable luggage for sure!)
  • DaltonCraig007DaltonCraig007 They say, "Evil prevails when good men fail to act." What they ought to say is, "Evil prevails."
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    Sheriff JW Pepper

    @-) JW Pepper is the best character in the franchise ! Apart from Bond that is ! B-)
  • Sheriff JW Pepper
    "You picked the WRONG parish to haul ass through BOY! NOBODY cuts and runs on Sheriff JW PEPPER! And it's him who's speakin' by the by!"
  • I actually quite liked him!
  • DarthDimiDarthDimi Behind you!Moderator
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    Sheriff JW Pepper

    @-) JW Pepper is the best character in the franchise ! Apart from Bond that is ! B-)
    The best character in the entire franchise is handsdown Shady Tree. :p
  • DaltonCraig007DaltonCraig007 They say, "Evil prevails when good men fail to act." What they ought to say is, "Evil prevails."
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    Sheriff JW Pepper

    @-) JW Pepper is the best character in the franchise ! Apart from Bond that is ! B-)
    The best character in the entire franchise is handsdown Shady Tree. :p
    Who ? :-?
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    I didn't mind Bibi. It made sense for Moore to turn her down because of the age gap. That was part of the joke.

    But Stacy Sutton is horrible, just the worst. While Richards is completely unbelievable in her role, at least Christmas is helpful to Bond throughout the film.
  • a tie between Stacey Sutton and Denise Richards
    Now we're talking :)
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    Tiffany Case, Stacy Sutton & Bibi Dahl
  • Holly Goodhead... why did she have to be so dumb (and different than the way Fleming created her)...? How did she get a job in Mi6?
  • Jinx is the most annoying.
  • That's Super Bowl out the way and back to Bond, but I can't really look further than the awful Berry character from Die Another Day. She has to win. Closest contenders would be Stacy Sutton, Jack Wade, (who was that one in Never Say Never Again played by a British actor, can't remember the name) in that, he was quite an annoying Bond ally. Was Paris Carver a Bond ally ? She did help Bond out once or twice. I just felt she warranted an inclusion also. You can add Plenty O Toole to that, if applicable
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    characters like Bibi and Goodnight are supposed to be annoying so they kind of fulfilled the brief, it's obvious but Jinx is excrutiating and Tiffany Case is pretty annoying if you ask me.

    Also the Toupe in NSNA is pretty annoying and I would call it an ally to Sir Big Sean.
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    Natalia, but only the N64 version. "WALK FASTER WOMAN, THEY'RE SHOOTING AT US AND I'M OUT OF AMMO"
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    The first one that jumped to mind was J.W. Pepper, followed shortly by Jinx.

    But having read over the thread, there are quite a lot! :)
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    Well Jinx obvioulsy wins this by a mile but I cant believe no one has mentioned Lieutenant Hip.

    This guy is absolutely clueless.

    Lets Gibson get shot under his nose.
    Lets Bond escape (OK I know they are virtually at the MI6 HQ by then but why not just explain who he is when he has Bond on the boat?).
    Brings his sodding nieces along on an MI6 mission (luckily as it turns out as they are more useful than he is).
    Drives off leaving Bond in the clutches of the villains.
    And his final moment of ineptitude - haplessly dodging the traffic as he fruitlessly tries to stop a taxi. The look Rog gives is priceless as if to say 'Well I'm on my own here. This clown is f*****g useless. Looks like I'm better off with good ole JW.'

    However much you hate her at least Jinx is vaguely competent (killing the doctor, diving into the sea, using Mr Kils hand on the scanner which, incidentally, is something Bond shouldve done, killing Miranda and changing the autopilot) and she had a great pair on her. Hip has none of this going for him. Awful character and going along with a similarly gormless Bond girl just contributes to the overall uninspired mess that is TMWTGG. Christopher Lee deserved better than to be surrounded by such poor characters.
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    I'm going for Britt Eckland closely followed by Jinx. Of course Jinx is annoying but, as @Wizard said, she is vaguely competant. Goodnight gets locked in a car boot, activates the Solex with her ARSE CHEEKS, acts like a school girl when she realises Bond has shagged Andrea and almost gets them both blown up at the end. A butchering of a relitively dignified character in the books.
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    The First person I thought of was Jack Wade, he always seemed to annoy Brosnan's Bond.
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