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    I'm a big Craig fan and always find that his Bond says the most essentially when he says nothing at all. It's in the quiet moments Craig excels, however is it just me or do his line deliveries occasionally come across a little flat? I think its probably because of his accent that anything else.

    (Edit: I previously gave this it's own thread because I really don't see how it fits in here, but some trigger-happy-thread-closing-mods got the better of me)

    It's not just you because other people here have said the same thing, or have said that he's monotone. To be honest, I just don't see that (or hear it). One of the things I love about Craig's performance is the way he gives subtle changes to inflection in his lines to make them more interesting or to change the meaning a little. Monotone is the last thing that I'd call him.

    Lazenby is the one who has very flat line deliveries at times. While Craig can be a bit flat on occasions (the "I do hope so" line in QoS never worked for me) on the whole I'd say...understated is a better word.

    A good example is the line from QoS:

    "You don't have to worry about me...I'm not going to go chasing him...he's not important...and neither was she!"

    He snaps his lines quietly - but angrily. There's feeling. You can really hear the disdain in his voice.

    Very true, I agree with you.

    But on occasion he does sound slightly off - think of Bond and Camille on the boat, the way he says "Dominic Greene?" and "Perhaps I'll do that later".

    Also in SF when Bond is holding Patrice out the window: "Who's got the list?" Or in the DB5 with M: "Somewhere we'll have the advance".

    It's just a bit flat.
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    @Pierce2Daniel : The latest post said it all ! I'm in this view too.

    About the topic : - Connery's walk, dark look, his accent is memorable, his self-confidence and presence. etc.

    - Lazenby's grace at fighting.

    - Moore's hand in the back (while at M's office), his humouristic smile.

    - Dalton's head going down when he looked straight in the face, his angryness.

    - Brosnan's tie touch is epic, his ironic great smile...

    - Craig's throwing things (à la Brosnan's DAD) like he's fed up, his constant bad mood, his overacted mouth when he's silent, touching his left sleve's suit (as in the train scene in Skyfall, also in CR)

    And... many more already posted ; what was said in the first page is almost alright.

    Personally, I found Connery and Brosnan most creative at having trademarks. Certainly another point for my favourites. :)
  • Much was said, imo Moore had so many trademarks, he kinda became one ;-)

    I am in the middle of watching all the Blue Rays and we finished Moonraker last week end, so my memory is still fresh. Much was said already but what Moore very often does is widen his eyes in a somewhat sarcastic surprise. In the PTS of Moonraker for example when the girl takes out the gun, in bed with Solitair, while talking with Holly Goodhead at the space center. I am pretty sure there are moments with Rosie, Mary etc. where he is also doing it.
    I guess he is also doing it during the "I buy you an ice cream"-line in FYEO.

    Either way I love it :-)
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    I was watching TWINE last week and I noticed another one of Brosnan's. He sometimes does an action hero dive/roll that looked quite cool. And he always did it down stairs, usually while being shot at.

    He did it in Goldeneye, when he was running across the catwalk to the satellite and Alec starts shooting at him, he dive-rolls down the stairs and you see sparks start flying as bullets go round him.

    Then again in TWINE, at the caviar factory, when he's running to the BMW, he does a dive roll down some stairs while being shot at by the helicopter.

    And in Die Another Day, during the fencing, he loses his sword and does a dive-roll down the stairs to get it, and nearly gets slashed by Gustav as he does.
  • You're right, he does do that a lot! I believe he even does it twice in TWINE- the other time being through the closing door in the silo (pretty comical looking too)

    I always winced during the GoldenEye one. That looks like it HURTS
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    Roger Moore gun pose where the left arm sticks out, like he is balancing on a tightrope.
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    Craig usually opens his mouth and keeps it open a few seconds before he says his line.
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    Connery-saturnine eyebrows and lipstick-colored lips(could be due to making out)
    Lazenby-big teeth and lots of them
    Moore-geriatric fingernails
    Dalton-theatrical and goofy grin, looks better gloomy this one
    Brosnan-moisturizing, and soap opera hairdo
    Craig-can probably fly with those ears
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    Craig-can probably fly with those ears

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