Happy Halloween! Scariest Bond moment?

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I've just blogged about the darker side of Bond, name-checking the spider in Dr No, the clowns in Octopussy and shark torture in LTK. However, I think Live And Let Die nails it as the best Bond film to watch on Halloween!

Anyone else got a favourite scary moment?


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    I second Live and Let Die. I've always been afraid of snakes, so.... Then, there's Baron Samedi, and the whole Voodoo stuff. Definitely the Bond to watch on Halloween.
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    Irma Bunt sitting up in bed in OHMSS... literally scared the hell out of me when i first saw the movie..

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    Dalton looking like Dracula in Sanchez's office and making the villain look like the nicer guy!

    The shark torture in LTK is Reservoir Bond before Reservoir Dogs existed. Very sinister and Dario is capable of Mr Blonde's sadism if he got older. I mean,what does he do to Lupe's lover in the PTS and that is pretty twisted. Tarantino must have seen the film because the warehouse setting in Reservoir has the sinisterness of the almost warehouse setting in LTK.
  • I did a round-up on my blog, http://discipline007.blogspot.co.uk/
  • Die another day
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    Nothing was more terrifying than Jaws (at least in TSWLM). He used to fill my nightmares as a child. Although in Moonraker he was turned into a bit of a joke which consequentl healed my original fear.
  • Die another day

    I agree!
  • @Discipline007 I still wake up in cold sweats and can hear Hallie Berry say "Yo mama"

    As a kid...

    The bit in Moonraker when the dogs are chasing the Bond girl (I forget her name now) through the woods always got me.

    Baron Samedi at the back of the train.
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    Baron Samedi re-appearing at the end of LALD

    Raoul Silva

    Eliot Carver's kungfu dance

    Teri Hatcher

    Denise Richards

    Die Another Day

    Grace Jones

    Roger Moore in AVTAK

    And I agree about the dogs chasing the girl in MR.
  • Jaws on the train in The Spy Who Loved Me.
  • I always found the scene in statue park in GoldenEye to be spooky.
  • Spider in Dr No, and Klebb with her shoes in FRWL when she confronts Bond in the last scenes of FRWL.
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    Baron Samedi was scary, but the scariest moment was in the Dr No novel with the freaking insect in Bond's bed
  • Live and Let Die is the obvious choice for this, however, one of the scariest / more horrific moments in a Bond movie, for me, is the murder of Corrine in Moonraker. Very dark moment........
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    Grace Jones straddling poor old Rog!
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    how about when he slid into frame in the opening of skyfall with the shock music
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    The funhouse in MWTGG and Bond squaring off with Dracula himself.
  • Opening Credits of LALD - The skull, the skull!
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    JamesCraig wrote:
    Eliot Carver's kungfu dance
    Grace Jones straddling poor old Rog!
    HASEROT wrote:
    Irma Bunt sitting up in bed in OHMSS
    Hallie Berry say "Yo mama"
  • Brosnan surfing that wave...it scares me everytime...i have to put a cushion in front of my face...i can't watch...ITS TERRYFYING!
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    An almost 60 year old Roger Moore and May Day getting it on in A View To A Kill was pretty disturbing...
  • The sequence in SF
    when Silva removes his teeth in the glass chamber is very chilling - quite a horrific scene.
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    Rosa Klebb telling Tatiana that if she doesnt cooperate, she wont leave the room alive..(From Russia with Love). The twins chasing 009 at the beginning of Octopussy. The shark torture in Licence to Kill were all pretty scary for me..
  • Also, the torture scene from 'Casino Royale'. That was horrifying.
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    Spider scene in Dr. No and Jaws on the train in TSWLM scared the pants off me first time I saw it

    Happy Halloween!
  • All of Javer Bardem's scenes as Silva in Skyfall..
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    *When Bond is poisoned in CR.
    *When Bond barely makes the construction site jump from crane to crane in CR.
    *When Bond crashes his car and nearly loses his masculinity on the barge with Le Chiffre in CR.
    *When Grant has Bond helpless at gunpoint in FRWL.
    *When Severine is tied up after being beaten (and who knows what else) in Skyfall.
    *Silva's dental show and tell...and pretty much everything he does.
    *When Bond finds Della dead and Felix quite badly off in LTK.
    *When Krest's head pops its top.
    *When Bond is literally wrecked and looks near death in LTK when he faces Sanchez face to face in the climax.
    *When Bond (and us) knows Silva is coming to attack Skyfall, and the wait is paranoid filled and ominous.
    *When you know M is hit and going to die when her "pride gets hurt" during the fight in Skyfall.
    *When Irma shoots at Bond's car and you know Tracy is gone.
    *In QoS, when Bond is surprised by a knife wielding Slate as he enters the hotel room.
    *When Bond brutally silences Slate.
    *When Bond strangles Obanno in CR, and covered in blood asks Vesper to hid the bodies and call Mathis.
    When Vesper dies and Bond can't resuscitate her back to life. :((
    *When Fields is found dead in QoS. Bond's face says it all.
    *When Bond was a run in with the tarantula in DN.
    *When Bond coldly kills Dent in DN.
    *When Wint and Kidd ruthlessly kill a lot of people in DAF (they are quite creepy and compliment each other nicely, in an evil way), or when they chillingly finish each others sentences.
    *In TB when the conference meeting with all the 00s is called and you know things are serious.
    *When you find out Paula took her cyanide in TB
    *Scaramanga's cold blooded "Most Dangerous Game-esque" shoot outs in his crazy maze.
    *Samedi can be creepy, especially if you are a kid seeing it for the first time.
    *When Bond kind of roughs up the woman with Pushkin in the hotel in TLD.
    *When Bond takes out Fisher and Dryden in CR, one brutally out in the open light, the other from the shadows.
    *In QoS when Bond and Camille seem terrified and to be near death while surrounded by fire in the desert hotel. Again, Bond's face (and definitely Camille's) says it all.
    *The FRWL PTS when you see it for the first time and you don't know that Bond isn't actually dead.
    *Grant's many cold murders in FRWL.
    *When Bond is knocked out in GF and all you see is Oddjob's shadow.
    *The cold deaths of Jill and Tilly as well as Bond's reaction in both cases.
    *When Bond ruthlessly strangles the life from Grant and says "You won't be needing this, old man." Bond at is cold best.
    *When you know Kerim is going to his death.
    *When Silva breaks out of his cell and goes for M.
    *When M is basically immobile in the inquiry and you know Silva is coming for her.
    *When Mallory gets shot.
    *When Silva storms the inquiry and kills ruthlessly.
    *When Bond finds Mathis near death in the back of his vehicle in QoS.
    *When M goes weak in Bond's arms and you know she is going to die in Skyfall.

    I could go on and on and on and on...
  • Murdock wrote:

    That scene were Jaws was hiding in Anya's closet gave me goosbumps.
  • Halloween Bond - it's a bit after the event isn't it, or is this, this years celebrations ?

    That above scene with Richard Kiel coming out of the closet on the train was actually quite frightening when you first saw it. Even Kiel himself, on a first watch, got jumpy when first viewed of all things

    The voodoo angle in Live and Let Die was all a bit dark and surreal when I first saw it, a different path from your usual James Bond route that year, THE Bond release to watch for trick or treat night without question, unless you want to scare some kids from your door, by putting on the awful Keys singing from QOS..

    I always thought the whole piranha pool angle from You Only Live Twice was a little menacing and unnerving, especially when poor Helga met her end

    I remember on a first watch of Dr No, many years ago, and that electric device coming through a tunnel after Connery with wires flashing and strange noises, if you remember the scene in question, and almost panicked. Seems embarrassing in retrospect, but I was a lot younger at the time
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