Hand of Phoebe Waller-Bridge in NTTD (Spoilers.. duhh)

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Where do you see contribution of Phoebe Waller-Bridge in NTTD.

She is one of writers of Killing Eve and have seen her in movie with Roy (Tanner). Killing Eve have a lot of sarcasm and i think she was ask to at this to NTTD. In first place to inprove Blofeld.

Besides Blofeld i think she works on Logan Ash and Valdo. Mabey she also be responsible for scene that Safin let go Mathilde, because for a moment i expect we will found Mathilde death in the poisen garden.


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    Likely in the dialogue, so the character interactions. I dont think she did anything structure wise.

    All the character scenes, so the Bond/Felix/Ash in the bar stuff, Bond and Nomi in his bedroom, all of Cuba, the MI6 interactions etc.

    I highly doubt they would kill off Mathilde. They’re crazy (EoN) but not nuts. Dead children is a big no-no.
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    There are moments in NTTD that feel very PWB, due to her wonderfully sarcastic tone in shows like Killing Eve and Fleabag. I'd need to have another viewing of NTTD (oh no, how terrible for me, ;) ) to pick them out. But I think her contribution is worthwhile in an ever changing world.
    The script for NTTD wasn't something that stood out to me as something that needed a major overhaul. Though to be honest, nothing in NTTD seemed to need a re-evaluation as far as I'm concerned.
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    I think maybe there's some PWB when Bond and Nomi chat in his villa, and on the plane when Q claims Bond likes a shot or two while at work, and the reactions to that. Overall, I was satisfied with the dialogue and would like her to return.
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    I'm sure her inclusion helped. Because the dialogue in the previous film was mostly awful.
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    M16_Cart wrote: »
    I'm sure her inclusion helped. Because the dialogue in the previous film was mostly awful.
    Agreed. The two that stick out immediately are the Mickey Mouse line and the exchange with Blofeld and Bond's big comeback about coming there to be killed is "It's all a matter of perspective" just begs for the hand of Richard Maibaum or practically anybody to make the moment stand out.
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    "He left me, for someone else"
    The whole desk dialogue with M
    A lot of the Paloma stuff
    The whole smallpox dialogue with Hugh Dennis

    Those are a few I can think might have been hers, off the top of my head (could be completely wrong) . The character of Paloma is great and I know PWB had a lot to do with that, which she deserves huge credit for as well.

    Although there are quite a few lines in NTTD that feel so out of character in conception, that they're made worse by unusual deliveries. There's a few moments when it feels like a gear shift as if someone else was writing each different scene
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    I'm sure her inclusion helped. Because the dialogue in the previous film was mostly awful.

    I thought Spectre had some good lines, but the dialogue did seem much more natural to me with this one. Think that might be as much down to the director as it was the script though. I love both Mendes Bond films, but I do think there‘s something a bit stagey about the way he directs his actors.
    QBranch wrote: »
    Overall, I was satisfied with the dialogue and would like her to return.

    Yeah, I’d like to see her return too. With NTTD she was polishing someone else’s story, and she did a great job of it, but I’d like to see what a Bond film that she’d been involved with from day one would look like.
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    John Logan's script for Spectre, even if it was reshaped by P&W, still had a lot of American clichés, such as lines like "You've gotta be kidding me!"

    From all reports, before PWB's involvement, the part of Paloma would have been as developed as Estrella in Spectre (remember her? The Mexican agent at the beginning, played by Stephanie Sigman, who was great in Miss Baja). For the rest, it's not always easy to identify whose idea it is for a line or a moment. In Ant-Man, people singled out the "Russian dolls" narratives by Michael Peña when he tells a story as one of the few remaining traces of Edgar Wright's wit in the script. It turned out that it was director Peyton Reed who was entirely responsible for it. So, Phoebe Waller-Bridge may have very well contributed to some of the serious dialog.

    Yet, I'd still would bet on:
    – the first big scene between Bond, Leiter and Ash
    – "Well, that's not the first thing I thought you'd take off, but, uh..." from Bond to Nomi.
    – "Bond… James Bond" at the front desk of MI6
    – the exchange between Moneypenny and Nomi about taking a shot at Bond
    – "Does he always have this effect on women?" when Madeleine leaves him in the interrogation room
    – "What? Another child?" (which was definitely the biggest laugh from the film to me)
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    Here's what the revived satirical show Spitting Image thought Phoebe Waller-Bridge contributed to the script of NTTD:

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